Probably the older I get, the less ‘stuff’ I want lying around in my life. The old saying comes to mind, ‘A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.’ Also, I understand the concept of opportunity cost. Depreciating assets are of no use to me.


So, one of my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions is to:

#5 Get rid of all unnecessary stuff (eBay or donate)


I like getting a jump start on my resolutions. Mainly because the end of the year goes by wayyy faster than the beginning. So I’ve started crushing this goal already.


I started by cleaning up the garage, my room, basement, etc. and making 2 massive piles: 1 for sale items, 1 for donation items. Once I did all the tedious work of cleaning and sorting, I donated the items (the easy part) and for the past few weeks, I’ve been selling the other stuff on eBay.


Selling on eBay in 2015

Yes, it’s easy to sell on eBay. I began selling on eBay back in 2006. If I’ve ever PayPal’d you, that’s why the name on my PayPal account¬†is Victoria. ūüôā I wasn’t old enough for my own account when I created it so I had to use my mom’s name haha. Selling back then was a hassle compared with the eBay of 2015. Today, it’s simple. Below you will find my ample explanation of how to sell on eBay in 2015. Here are the 10 easy steps to selling on eBay in 2015.


1) Go to sell

I think this step explains itself.


2) Type in a Rough Description of What You Want to Sell

eBay is smart enough to detect what the heck you mean. It gives you a nice description of your product to use when selling


3)¬†Upload Pictures if You’d Like

Most items you’re selling already have a default image uploaded by eBay. For DVDs and such, I just use the default image. For more expensive items, I’ll usually upload a few pics of my own.


4) Choose an Accurate Description

If you’re not sure whether the item you’re selling is in ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ condition, check ‘very good’. The last thing you need is an unhappy buyer. Your feedback is priceless – keep it intact!!!


5) Set a Starting Bid Price

I set a price that’s the lowest price I will accept. Then, I don’t run the risk of an item selling for too little. Also, I don’t have to watch an item worrying when the bids are high enough that I’ll be happy with the sale.


6)¬†For Free You Can Set a ‘Buy It Now’ Price

Bidding isn’t as popular on eBay as it used to be. Probably because people don’t have the patience. I find people who use the ‘Buy It Now’ option are willing to pay a little extra to get the item without the hassle. Everyone wins.


7) I Set a Start Date for All Items I Sell

It’s also free. Try to time your item to begin during rush hour. It’s the same idea behind publishing your blog posts during high traffic times – you get the most eyeballs on it! I usually schedule my stuff to start around 8PM CST on Sundays. This means it’s not too early for the west coast – not too late for the East coast. But if you don’t want to schedule your items, that’s okay as well. If you schedule the item to end in the middle of the night, someone is more likely to use your ‘buy it now’ option.


8) Shipping Has Always Been the Most Annoying Part of Selling on eBay

In a digital world, it’s a hassle actually doing manual labor haha. I usually just go with eBay’s recommended shipping costs that they present to you before you list an item. I’ve never found them to be off by much. I’ll use PayPal for printing my shipping labels. Also, if you’re going to be selling a lot on eBay, get an accurate scale. I usually throw stuff into my mail box and if I’m a little off on price, the mail carrier will just take the item but leave a bill. I NEVER drive to the post office when USPS (or even UPS) will do pickups right at my house. Wasting time and gas makes no sense to me.


TIP: Media mail is really, really cheap.¬†It only applies to educational materials though so check first. I don’t know how they will punish you if you’re stuff isn’t educational, though..


9)¬†Once the Auction Ends or Someone Clicks the ‘Buy It Now’ Button, You’ll Be Notified

Because mail delays occur, I recommend you ship the item out ASAP. It’s a good idea to keep packing supplies on hand: cardboard boxes, envelopes, postage stamps, printer, scissors, packing tape.


10) Leave Feedback

I leave feedback first. If I don’t I find the buyer won’t leave any feedback.


Is it easy to sell on eBay? Yes. Last time I went on a listing binge (about a week ago) I listed 15 items in 1.5 hours. I could have done it faster but I decided to take pics of multiple things I was selling. Here’s a big tip I can’t forget: If it doesn’t sell the first time, relist! You have to think about the odds here… what are the chances that you want to sell at the exact time your ideal buyer comes along? Not very likely. Don’t be discouraged if your item doesn’t sell during the first 7-day auction. Don’t worry – just relist! You can post the same add over and over again for free. All you choose is ‘relist’ and KAPOW the item is back on the auction block. You can change the ad if necessary but I usually either just hit ‘relist’ or I’ll edit the start date and then his relist.


Everything that doesn’t sell (usually because I try to sell stuff that has basically no value) then it gets donated like the stuff I donated earlier.


What’s your experience selling on eBay? Do you find it easy? Frustrating?