Is Skyscanner Legit? Reliable? Answered

Skyscanner is a legit search engine that allows you to look for flights, hotels, and car rentals. The goal of the site is to put travel expenses all in one place so that you don’t have to spend hours going from site to site yourself. For airfare, it also lists the fastest flight, cheapest deal, and what Skyscanner considers to be the best deal at the top of the page. Typically the best deal is a compromise between price and overall travel time. The Skyscanner website also includes helpful travel tips, such as how you can save money on flights based on when you book them. This website, along with the Skyscanner app, is completely free to use.

Is Skyscanner Legit?

Is Skyscanner legit? Skyscanner is definitely legit. All Skyscanner does is collect information for you; it’s like Google but travel-related. Information is gathered directly from the source (airline websites, Expedia, other trustworthy travel sites), and Skyscanner claims that it monitors these sources to make sure they are all reputable.

If you decide to book a flight that you’ve found on Skyscanner, you are taken directly to that provider’s website where you will continue to book your flight, hotel, or car. Skyscanner doesn’t ask for any money from you as it is 100% free to use. Instead, Skyscanner makes money with ad revenue and sometimes also gets a commission from the company you booked a flight/hotel/car with.

Furthermore, Skyscanner has plenty of information on its site about its history, corporate locations, and staff and can also be found on the Better Business Bureau‘s website, where it has received an A rating.

Is Skyscanner Reliable?

Is Skyscanner reliable? Skyscanner is relatively reliable. As we explained before, Skyscanner does make an effort to ensure it only lists trustworthy travel providers, so it is reliable in that sense. There are also many people who absolutely love this service because they have been able to save a lot of money on flights.

There is just one caveat: even Skyscanner does not guarantee the accuracy of prices on its site. This is because everything is being booked in real time and prices often fluctuate as rooms, plane seats, and rental cars become available and unavailable. Skyscanner does do its best to stay on top of pricing, but because travel is such an erratic market, it can’t make any promises. However, this is not to say that Skyscanner is always facing a large margin of error. It just means that you may occasionally see a different price after you’re redirected to the provider’s website, so keep your eyes open. If this does happen, you can actually report it to the Skyscanner Help Center.

To learn more about how often Skyscanner updates in order to combat this potential for different prices, we connected with the customer service via email. In their response, they told us that the prices shown are updated every time you click the “select” button on the results page. They also explained that they rely on thousands of third-parties to give them data on prices, and though they do their best to keep prices accurate, price differences can occur.

We also noticed that the Skyscanner website will actually ask you to refresh your page every 30 minutes. While this article was in the process of being written, Skyscanner issued a pop-up requesting to refresh our hotel search after half an hour, stating that “pricing may have changed.” After this happened, we went ahead and left a flight search page open for exactly 30 minutes and were again asked to refresh.

A couple other things to note about searching on Skyscanner. The website is British, so it’ll default to pounds. You may want to switch right away to US Dollars, that’s in the upper, right hand corner of the screen. And, Skyscanner has a seemingly convenient flexible dates search option — you can search a whole month at once. If you sue this function, be mindful that it won’t search each day in the month just for you, but rather is reusing data it already has access to. That means that days it has no data for won’t show up with any value, and you’ll need to search them individually.

In Summary

Skyscanner is a helpful service that allows you to find travel deals all in one place, and it is totally legit. Skyscanner has an A rating on the BBB’s website, is completely free to use, and only shows you what’s available rather than actually selling it. When you find a deal you like, you are redirected to the flight/hotel/rental car provider’s webpage to complete your reservation. Due to continuous fluctuations in the travel market, Skyscanner doesn’t guarantee its prices, but it does update them frequently, making the site relatively reliable. Just in case, be sure to watch out for price differences between Skyscanner and the page you are redirected to. If you’re ever planning to travel, Skyscanner is a useful tool that can help you find the best price.

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