Is Up&Up Cruelty-Free? Answered + How to Shop Cruelty-Free at Target

The beauty products aisle of a Target store

Is Up&Up cruelty-free? No. Target’s Up&Up brand is not cruelty-free, but it does have a few products that have not been tested on animals. Target carries certified cruelty-free brands like e.l.f. Cosmetics, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Not Your Mother’s, Pacifica Beauty, Pixi Beauty, Schmidt’s, and Seventh Generation. We have all the details below.

Is Up&Up Cruelty-Free?

Target’s store brand Up&Up offers a few cruelty-free products, but it is not a certified cruelty-free brand, according to Target customer service.

Up&Up’s cleansing wipes, exfoliating cleansing wipes, and makeup remover cleansing towelettes are not tested on animals. However, Up&Up’s cleaning supplies, hair care products, and bath and body products are not cruelty-free.

How to Shop Cruelty-Free at Target

Some of the popular cruelty-free brands available at Target are e.l.f. CosmeticsMrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Not Your Mother’s, Pacifica Beauty, Pixi Beauty, Schmidt’s, and Seventh Generation.

Target shoppers can easily find out which products from Up&Up and other brands are cruelty-free. In Target stores, products certified by Choose Cruelty Free, Leaping Bunny, or PETA are marked with “Cruelty-Free” shelf tags. On Target’s website, look for the cruelty-free Wellness Icon above the product details. The icon for third-party certified cruelty-free products is a pink rabbit. You can also filter search results for cruelty-free products under “Sustainability Claims and Certifications” in the sidebar.

How to Find Cruelty-Free Products Elsewhere

“Cruelty-free” generally refers to brands that don’t test their products on animals. Cosmetics and cleaning products are the most common categories for animal testing, according to Cruelty Free International.

Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny program is one of the leading cruelty-free certifications. Leaping Bunny’s product search tool and its certified brand list are good resources to help you find cruelty-free brands and products.

In Summary

Up&Up is not a cruelty-free brand but it does offer a few products that are not tested on animals. Target does carry certified cruelty-free brands in stores and online. Look for the pink bunny Wellness Icon on Target’s website for third-party certified cruelty-free products.


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