JCPenney Shoe Return Policy: Worn? In the Box? etc Answered

The JCPenney shoe return policy lets you return shoes in their original, unworn condition. You don’t need the box, but you do need proof of purchase. For more on JCPenney’s shoe return policy, see below.

JCPenney Shoe Return Policy Explained

JCPenney accepts shoe returns as long as the shoes have not been worn, a corporate customer service representative said. You don’t necessarily need the original shoe box to make a return, but you will need to provide proof of purchase. If you’ve lost or misplaced your receipt, a JCPenney store associate may be able to look up your transaction history. See our related article for details.

Shoes that are damaged or prove defective after they’ve been worn are not eligible for return, a JCPenney representative said. However, we were told that customers always have the option to bring a worn pair of shoes to a JCPenney store for an assessment. A return or exchange may be allowed at the store manager’s discretion. We confirmed this information by contacting JCPenney stores in Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, and South Carolina.

For more details on JCPenney’s return policy, see our article.

In Summary

You can return shoes at JCPenney as long as they are in their original, unworn condition. If the shoes have been worn and prove broken or defective, you can bring them to your nearest JCPenney for an assessment; returns and exchanges will be allowed at the store manager’s discretion.

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