Everything to Know About Renting a Carpet Cleaner at Jewel-Osco

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Short answer: Jewel-Osco rents out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. Available models vary by location, but the 24-hour rental fee is generally around $30 and the 48-hour rental fee is about $40. To use the machine, you’ll also need to purchase a cleaning solution for about $20.

What Is the Jewel-Osco Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy?

Jewel-Osco grocery stores rent out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. This was verified by store associates at Jewel locations in Illinois, Indiana, and, Iowa. All of the stores we contacted said they had Rug Doctor carpet cleaners available.

The Rug Doctor rental fee at Jewel-Osco is typically around $30 for 24 hours or $40 for 48 hours. Pricing depends on the model you choose.

The most common Rug Doctor model available at the Jewel-Osco stores we contacted is the X3 Carpet Cleaner, but other locations may also have the Pro Deep Cleaner and Pro Portable Detailer models available to rent.

Rug Doctor rental locations offer optional hand tool attachments for upholstery or hardwood floors for about $5 each.

If you’re looking to rent a particular Rug Doctor model or accessory, you’ll want to contact your nearest Jewel-Osco to find out what’s available.

If your local Jewel-Osco doesn’t have the machine you’re looking for, Food Lion, Giant Food, Kroger, Safeway, and Walmart also rent out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners, as previously reported.

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To run the machine, you’ll need to purchase a separate cleaning solution. Jewel-Osco sells Rug Doctor-brand oxy deep cleaner and pet-safe cleaning solutions for about $20 each.

The full rental fee must be paid upfront when renting a Rug Doctor from Jewel-Osco. Because of this, the store does not charge a rental deposit.

Jewel-Osco also requires that you show a photo ID in order to rent a carpet cleaner.

Be aware that if you return the Rug Doctor late, you will be charged an additional 24-hour rental fee.

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