Jimmy John’s Delivery Policy Explained: Delivery Time, Fees, etc

Jimmy John's sign

Jimmy John’s is a nationwide sandwich restaurant chain specializing in “Freaky Fast” delivery. Below, we have all of the details of Jimmy John’s delivery policy, including fees, guarantees, and more.

Jimmy John’s Delivery Policy

One of the features that sets Jimmy John’s apart from other sandwich shops is its “Freaky Fast” delivery. Jimmy John’s has advertised that it can deliver its sandwiches in four minutes or less.

However, not all stores can deliver within four minutes, and there is no guarantee for delivery times, customer service representatives said. Typically, Jimmy John’s customers can expect delivery within five to 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and how far the delivery location is from the store.

One way that Jimmy John’s is able to provide fast delivery is by limiting the delivery radius around each store. Delivery areas for Jimmy John’s locations vary but are typically limited to two to five miles. In crowded metropolitan areas, the delivery radius is smaller to allow for faster delivery in traffic, and, in some cases, deliveries are made by bicycle to avoid traffic altogether. Delivery fees range from $2.50 to $3 per order, store associates at various Jimmy John’s locations said.

In Summary

While Jimmy John’s advertises “Freaky Fast” delivery, it does not guarantee a specific delivery time. Typically, Jimmy John’s customers will get their sandwiches within five to 20 minutes. To speed up your payment, you might want to pay with PayPal. See our article on restaurants that accept PayPal — including Jimmy John’s — for details.


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