Congratulations, you’ve just turned 16! You can legally drive a car now. But wait. You don’t own a car because you don’t have a job to pay for it. What type of place will hire 16 year old workers? Actually, there are several national chains of retail grocery stores and restaurants that thrive because of its teenage workers. The list below of businesses that begin hiring at 16 will help you find the job of your dreams. Or at least the job that will help you pay for that 1998 Honda Civic.

Note: These types of jobs typically pay minimum wage. The current minimum hourly wage as set by the United States Department of Labor is $7.25. However, employers may pay employees who are under the age of 20 a minimum hourly wage of $4.25 for the first 90 days of employment or until the employee reaches the age of 20, whichever comes first.

Note also that these are the places that start hiring at 16. Many employers start hiring even at 14 and 15. It’s recommended that after you’ve read this post, to then read ‘Places That Hire at 14 and 15: Where to Apply!

Grocery Store Jobs That Hire at 16

Typical positions within a grocery store for 16 year old employees include cashier, stocker or front end associate. As a new employee at one of these locations, you can expect to start at an hourly rate of $7.25, the national minimum wage. The exception is Walmart which recently raised its minimum wage to $9/hr.

1. Food Lion

2. Meijer

 3. Walmart

4. Wegmans

Restaurants and Food Service Jobs That Hire at 16

Fast food restaurants thrive on its teenage employees to serve its customers. At these locations you can expect to start at the minimum hourly wage of $7.25 but benefits usually include a free shift meal. Typical jobs include team or crew member or customer service rep.

5.  Burger King

 6. Captain D’s

7. Domino’s

 8.  KFC

  9. Papa John’s

 10. Panera Bread

Department and Clothing Store Jobs That Hire at 16

If you don’t enjoy working with food then perhaps a job with a department store is more to your liking. The majority of department and clothing stores hire age 18 and older because of the need for a higher level of maturity when dealing with its customers. There a few retail chains listed below that will hire 16 years and older. A new sales associate with no prior experience can expect to start at an hourly wage of $7.25 (minimum wage).

11. Banana Republic

12. Gap

13. Old Navy

Miscellaneous Other Places and Ideas

A few other businesses that hire age 16 and above outside the typical fast food or grocery store realm are listed below. These places will most likely offer minimum wage as well for entry level workers.

14. Autobell Car Wash

Craigslist Gigs

Types of jobs available: What types of things are you good at or specialize in? You could list your services on a Craigslist ad to mow lawns, clean houses or offices, take care of children, errand running, dog walking, tutoring. If you’re good with computers you could offer computer repair or if you know coding you can offer website design. If you have great writing skills you could get paid to write for a blog. The list really is endless. And the best part is you can charge your own hourly rate.

Local Small Businesses

Types of jobs available: Large fast food chains and grocery stores aren’t the only businesses that hire 16 year old employees. Privately owned, small businesses tend to have their own rules about whom it will hire. You can check with your local Chamber of Commerce for small businesses in your area. Or perhaps your parents have friends who own a small business that could set you up with a job. Or walk down your town’s main street and inquire at each business if it will hire a 16 year old. If I were a business owner and an eager-to-work 16 year old walked into my shop asking for work, I would hire that person on the spot.

In Summary

The older you get, the more choices you have of businesses that will hire you. Grocery stores, fast food places and select retail chains all have great entry level positions. Get hired at one of these locations, work hard and soon enough you’ll be well on your way to buying your first car. And remember that it’s recommended you also read ‘Places That Hire at 14 and 15: Where to Apply!‘ so you know of all jobs you can do as a 16 year old.