Jobs for Felons: 11 Companies That Hire Felons Listed

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Jobs for felons include service industry jobs at stores or restaurants like Dairy Queen, Goodwill, and Lowe’s, as well as opportunities in the travel, hospitality, construction, or trucking industries. There are also re-entry programs designed to help felons to get jobs.

Below, we list the companies that are known to hire felons, and we provide other helpful information for people with criminal records who are searching for jobs.

What We Recommend

If you have a felony on your record and you’re looking for a job with the highest starting salary potential — up to $20 per hour or more — as well as national availability and several additional benefits, consider applying with Verizon.

United Airlines is another company that hires felons for a variety of positions that pay well, and you can likely find job opportunities at airports in any major city.

Another good career option if you have a criminal record is truck driving — you can make a substantial living, and to get started, you may be able to find a company that will pay for your training.

The List

Very few companies publicly disclose their policies for hiring felons. Hiring practices can vary widely based on the job position, the hiring managers, and other factors.

Many franchises also create their own hiring processes; they don’t necessarily adhere to a uniform corporate policy, and of course, things like previous work experience also contribute to hiring decisions.

Typically, companies that hire felons (including those listed below) will consider the type of felony or nature of the charges (i.e., whether it was a case of violence) and how long ago the felony occurred. Most companies are more likely to hire a felon if their conviction is seven to 10 years old or older.

Because of these variables, we can’t guarantee that any of the companies listed below will hire felons at all locations. But, to help you in your job search, we’ve contacted and researched employee reports for a range of companies to determine their typical hiring practices. Average pay figures are drawn from employee reports on Glassdoor and Indeed.

The following employers may hire felons, ordered starting with the best overall options in terms of job opportunities, potential earnings, and additional benefits:

Verizon logo

1. Verizon

  • Company’s specialization: Cell phone communications service
  • Jobs available for felons: Sales Consultant, Retail Sales Representative, Field Service Technician, etc.[1]
  • Average pay: $11 to $21 per hour[2]
  • Additional benefits: A matching gifts program, discounts on Verizon products, performance-based incentives[3]
  • Search Verizon careers

United Airlines logo

2. United Airlines

  • Company’s specialization: Air travel and service
  • Jobs available for felons: Transportation Agent, Security Agent, Transportation Lead, Ground Services Crew, etc.[4]
  • Average pay: $12 to $20 per hour[5]
  • Additional benefits: Travel benefits, insurance, bonuses, wellness program, paid time off, social clubs[6]
  • Search United Airlines careers

Lowes logo

3. Lowe’s

  • Company’s specialization: Retail store for lumber, tools, and equipment for house and building projects
  • Jobs available for felons: Team Associate, Cashier, Customer Service Associate, Call Center Representative, Store Manager, etc.[7]
  • Average pay: $12 to $20 per hour[8]
  • Additional benefits: Insurance, paid vacation, sick pay, Lowe’s merchandise discount, free or discounted tax preparation services, etc.[9]
  • Search Lowe’s careers

Good Year logo

4. Goodyear Auto Service

  • Company’s specialization: Auto service center and tire retailer
  • Jobs available for felons: Sales Associate, Alignment Specialist, General Service Associate, etc.[10]
  • Average pay: $9 to $17 per hour[11]
  • Additional benefits: Medical plans, 401k, paid vacations, and certification reimbursement[12]
  • Search Goodyear careers

Albertsons logo

5. Albertsons

  • Company’s specialization: Grocery store and pharmacy
  • Jobs available for felons: Courtesy Clerk, Cashier, Manager, Supervisors, Corporate Office Jobs, Supply Office Jobs, Pharmacy Jobs, etc.[13]
  • Average pay: $11 to $15 per hour[14]
  • Additional benefits: Comprehensive benefits package, promotion from within[13]
  • Search Albertsons careers

Ace Hardware logo

6. Ace Hardware

  • Company’s specialization: Equipment and tools for home and maintenance projects
  • Jobs available for felons: Retail Sales Associate, Sales Floor Associate, Department Manager, Assistant Store Manager, etc.[15]
  • Average pay: $10 to $15 per hour[16]
  • Additional benefits: Insurance, tuition assistance, employee assistance program, flexible work hours, etc.[17]
  • Search Ace Hardware careers

Mens Wearhouse logo

7. Men’s Wearhouse

  • Company’s specialization: Retail clothing and suits for men
  • Jobs available for felons: Customer Service Associate, Operations Manager, Store Manager, etc.[18]
  • Average pay: $10 to $15 per hour[19]
  • Additional benefits: Insurance, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), employee stock purchase program, merchandise discounts, paid holidays, vacation time[20]
  • Search Men’s Wearhouse careers

Dairy Queen logo

8. Dairy Queen

  • Company’s specialization: Fast food (burgers, specialty drinks, ice cream, cakes, etc.)
  • Jobs available for felons: Cashier, Crew Member, Team Member, Shift Leader, etc.[21]
  • Average pay: $9 to $15 per hour[22]
  • Additional benefits: Benefits packages, discounts[23]
  • Search Dairy Queen careers

Petsmart logo

9. PetSmart

  • Company’s specialization: Retail store and salon for pets
  • Jobs available for felons: Sales Associate, Groomer, Pet Stylist, Salon Manager, Store Manager, etc.[24]
  • Average pay: $10 to $15 per hour[25]
  • Additional benefits: Insurance, paid time off, associate discount, tuition assistance, adoption assistance[26]
  • Search PetSmart careers

DoorDash logo

10. DoorDash

  • Company’s specialization: Food delivery
  • Jobs available for felons: Dasher (delivery driver)[27]
  • Average pay: Varies based on the delivery time, distance, peak times, and other factors; usually around $2 to $10 per order with drivers reporting averages of around $11 to $12 per hour[28]
  • Additional benefits: Commercial auto insurance while on active deliveries[29]
  • Search DoorDash careers

Goodwill logo

11. Goodwill Industries

  • Company’s specialization: Retail store offering gently used clothing, accessories, and house supplies.
  • Jobs available for felons: Retail Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Production Supervisor, etc.[30]
  • Average pay: $9 to $14 per hour[31]
  • Additional benefits: Basic skills development, employment-readiness training, occupational skills training, job placement assistance, and life skills training[32]
  • Search Goodwill careers

TradeWinds logo

12. TradeWinds Island Resorts

  • Company’s specialization: Leisure, travel, and tourism
  • Jobs available for felons: Bartender, Maintenance, Kitchen Helper, Front Desk Agent, Valet, Line Cook, etc.[33]
  • Average pay: $11 to $12 per hour[34]
  • Additional benefits: $2,000 signing bonus, internal promotions[35]
  • Search TradeWinds careers

Before applying for any jobs, you may want to polish your resume; see our ideas for personal accomplishment examples to include on your resume.

Looking to make money while you wait to hear back from those job applications? See our research on how to make $100 right now.

Local, Regional Jobs That Hire Felons

In addition to national brands that hire people with criminal records, smaller “mom-and-pop” type businesses may also hire you, especially if you have a personal connection with someone who works there.

These places are less likely to have a blanket ban on hiring people with felonies as a corporate policy (which, again, is rarely disclosed upfront).

Some of the industries that are known to most commonly provide jobs for felons are fields relating to construction, sawmills, restaurants, and retail.

Though these may not be the jobs you wish to hold for your entire life, many felons have been able to start in entry-level positions and work their way up to management. You can work toward securing financial stability and hone your professional skills in the process.

Truck driving is another industry that offers opportunities for felons, and due to a national shortage of drivers, it can be a very lucrative profession.

We’ve provided a list of trucking companies that are known to hire felons, including those that offer paid training to help you get started in the industry.

Programs for Reentry After a Felony Conviction

If you’re receiving rejections or are having trouble finding jobs to apply to in your area, you may be able to work directly with a program that helps felons reenter the workforce.

Many states provide reentry programs, as do numerous religious organizations.

For example, PACE Indy in Indiana offers workshops and other resources for finding employment for felons. Catholic Charities USA is a nationwide organization that provides opportunities for people with all backgrounds and records.

Search within your state or city for opportunities to gain more training and explore new avenues for finding a job.

Are There Any Felon-Friendly States?

Unfortunately, there is no list of “felon-friendly” states.

However, some states do have more strict policies than others regarding multiple felonies, such as California’s “three strikes sentencing law,” through which people with prior felonies can face more severe sentencing than first-time offenders.[36]

On the other hand, many states have pledged to “ban the box” and offer fair hiring practices for people with criminal records. The National Employment Law Project provides a list of states/localities that participate in “ban the box” initiatives.

Rather than focusing which states are the most “felon-friendly,” consider the availability of job opportunities and the cost of living in each state.

Generally, Midwestern states have more job opportunities and lower costs of living; Southern states also have a lower cost of living, but fewer job opportunities. New York, on the other hand, is a state that has both a high cost of living and a large population, meaning high competition and low job opportunities.

You should also consider where your social support lives — a high cost of living may be outweighed if you live near family members who can help you out during times of need.



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