KFC Senior Discount: Age, Amount, etc (+ Other Fast Food Discounts)

Kentucky Fried Chicken caters to the fried chicken enthusiast who’s in a hurry. The KFC menu offers a selection of classic Southern staples like mashed potatoes, corn, and of course their world famous fried chicken. KFC can be an especially appealing choice if you’re a senior, thanks to the senior discount offered at these restaurants.

Fun fact: Colonel Sanders himself didn’t achieve success until he was in his 60s. This may be why KFC values its senior customers. They still have a lot to offer and, just like a college student, would appreciate a discount every now and then on their way to success.

What Is the Senior Discount at KFC?

The senior discount at KFC varies by location — and there’s no shortage of locations. Every state in America has at least a handful of them (not to mention the 122 other countries and territories where KFC has locations).

We conducted a call to the KFC Corporation customer service line to identify available senior discounts. The KFC Corporation reported that nearly all locations offer a senior discount of some sort, and it is rare for a location to opt out. However, KFC locations are part of a franchise system, where each location is operated under a different owner. Because of this, the senior discount may be different from one restaurant to another depending on what the owner deems appropriate.

Typically, a senior can receive anywhere from 5 to 10% off their entire purchase. Some locations may elect to offer benefits like a free drink with each purchase instead of a discount. The most common senior discount is 10% off the entire purchase price, but that excludes family meals and already discounted items, such as the Fill Up meals. This is on par with other fast food restaurants (listed further down in the article).

Who Is Eligible for the Senior Discount at KFC?

Anyone aged 55 years or older is eligible for the discount. The only requirement to receive the senior discount is for the customer to present a valid ID that includes a photo and birth date.

Want more discounts? See our list of over 90 senior discounts by age.

Other Discounts at KFC

If you’re looking to feed your family on a budget, then look no further. KFC offers plenty of promotions for their classic American food. KFC is known for the $5 Fill Up Bucket and $10 Chicken Share deals. These promotions are ongoing but cannot be used along with a senior discount.

Here are some of the most popular deals, available at all KFC locations:

  • $5 Fill Up featuring Famous Bowl, cookie, and medium drink
  • $5 Fill Up featuring Chicken Breast, larger mashed potatoes, biscuit, cookie, and medium drink
  • $5 Fill Up featuring Pot Pie, cookie, and medium drink
  • $5 Fill Up featuring 2-piece Drumstick and Thigh, larger mashed potatoes, biscuit, cookie, and medium drink

Share food with your friends by purchasing one of KFC’s Chicken Share deals. For $10, you can share either:

  • Nine extra crispy tenders
  • Six pieces of chicken
  • 12 hot wings
  • Popcorn nuggets

What Similar Fast Food Restaurants Offer a Senior Discount?

KFC isn’t the only place that rewards its well-traveled customers. We reached out to customer support for all of the restaurants listed below to find out which other places offer a senior discount. Additional fast food restaurants that offer senior discounts include the following:

In Summary

With locations in every state and in 123 countries, KFC is a perennial favorite for chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and other traditional American food. Although the exact details vary, most KFC restaurants offer some type of senior discount to its customers. Be sure to ask about the discount the next time you head over to your local Kentucky Fried Chicken — you might be able to pay a little less than you expected.


  • I am aware of the KFC senior discount and use it at 2 local KFC’s. I twice inquired on the Facebook site of the Marietta, Ga KFC (The Big Chicken on Cobb Pky) as to their discount and got no reply. Do you know which sort of discount is available at this location?

    • Rebecca Turley says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Bill,

      Because KFC restaurants are franchises, not all locations offer discounts. And unfortunately, the KFC (Big Chicken) in Marietta on Cobb Pike told us that they do not offer any senior discounts.