If you find yourself needing to purchase money orders to make a secure payment or protect your identity, you can buy them at a King Soopers’ money services desk. With over 100 locations in the Western United States and many locations open until midnight, King Soopers can be a convenient location to purchase a money order outside of regular banking hours.

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What Is a Money Order?

Money orders provide a non-cash payment method for people without checking accounts, and they’re often considered a safer alternative to checks because money orders are prepaid. Money orders are similar to a personal check — you’ll specify the amount and the recipient on the order when you make the purchase. Money orders come in clutch when you want a non-cash payment method that doesn’t use your bank account information, or if you need to mail a payment.

How to Purchase a Money Order at King Soopers

Go to your local King Soopers’ money services desk and ask to purchase a money order. Money services desks operate during regular store hours at most King Soopers locations, and you can buy a money order with cash or a debit or credit card — but remember, if you’re using that credit card, the purchase will probably incur a fee from your card issuer.

To purchase the money order, you’ll need to provide the recipient’s full name and pay the value of the money order plus a small fee.

Limit and Fee Information

King Soopers partners with Western Union to sell money orders in-store. King Soopers charges a fee of $0.65 to purchase a money order — generally lower than most bank-charged fees, which tend to be around $1. Money orders can be purchased for amounts up to $1,000. Be prepared to purchase more than one money order if you need an amount exceeding $1,000. If that’s the case, you’ll have to pay the $0.65 money order purchase fee for each individual order.

If you already have a 123 Rewards card, you qualify for King Soopers coupons, which can get you a money order for even less. The chain offers the digital coupons seasonally, so check King Soopers’ coupons page to see if a coupon for money orders is available now.

If you plan to use a credit card to purchase your money order, expect a fee from your card issuer. Issuers consider the purchase a cash advance and will often charge an interest fee of between 3 and 5 percent of the money order amount. To make sure you’ll avoid these fees, it’s best to use cash or debit to purchase a money order.

What If My Money Order Is Lost or Stolen?

If your money order is lost or stolen, you might be able to get a refund. It’s best to always keep the receipt from your money order purchase in case the money order is lost or stolen — refunds fees are lower with a receipt.

  • With the receipt: Fill out Western Union’s money order customer request form and submit it, with the receipt and a $15 nonrefundable processing fee, to the address listed on the form or by fax to (720) 864-0477 or email at RMO@westernunion.com. Processing can take 30 days.
  • Without the receipt: Fill out the money order research request form and submit it with the $30 nonrefundable processing fee either by mail, fax, or email. Include all available documents (e.g. your register receipt from King Soopers, copies of or receipts from other money orders purchased at the same time, a bank statement showing the payment, copies of money orders purchased for the same purpose) to show that you purchased the order. Processing can take six to eight weeks, and you’re not guaranteed a refund.

If your money order was stolen, include the police report with the forms and fees.

After you’ve submitted the necessary forms and fees, Western Union will track down your money order. If it hasn’t been cashed, you may be entitled to a refund. If it has been cashed, you’ll get a copy of the order.

How to Cash a Money Order at King Soopers

Some King Soopers stores will cash Western Union money orders, but that policy varies between locations. Call your local King Soopers to see if they’ll cash your money order. You can find your local store and their contact info using King Soopers store locator.

If your nearest King Soopers can’t help you, there are plenty of other places that cash Western Union money orders, such as banks, gas stations, convenience stores, check cashing stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies.

In Summary

Money orders can make for a safe and secure method of non-cash payment, and you can purchase them at King Soopers money services desks. Money orders are limited to $1,000, and cost a relatively low fee of 65 cents. However, you can only cash Western Union money orders at certain locations — call ahead to see if your local store can cash them.