King Soopers’ Return Policy Explained

King Soopers sign on a side of a building

Short Answer —  King Soopers accepts returns with or without a receipt, with no set limit on how long you have to make a return.

King Soopers’ Return Policy

To find out about King Soopers’ return policy, we reached out to the corporate customer service department and multiple King Soopers grocery store locations across Colorado.

The grocery store chain — with locations from Wyoming to Colorado — has adopted the return policy of its parent company, Kroger.

The Kroger quality guarantee published on King Soopers’ website states: “Simply return the product, packaging, and receipt to your nearest Kroger store. The customer service staff will assist with a refund, exchange, adjustment, or credit to a Kroger Gift Card.”

When we asked a King Soopers customer service representative about returning packaged goods and fresh produce, we were told you can either get a full refund or exchange the item(s).

Your original receipt isn’t required to make a return, and there is no set time limit on returns, a corporate representative explained.

If you have your receipt, King Soopers will issue a refund to the original form of payment.

Without a receipt, you can get a refund in cash up to $20. Returns over $20 will receive a refund as store credit.

In some cases, returns are subject to a store manager’s approval, and you may need to show a photo ID if your refund is over $30.

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