Kmart Senior Discount Policy + Other Ways to Save (Shop Your Way, etc)

Exterior of a Kmart store

Society often rewards different demographics with discounts. For example, children get their own special section of the menu at restaurants and sometimes get free meals. Students save a few bucks by flashing their school ID. Military discounts are given to veterans or those on active duty. Another discount that shouldn’t be forgotten is the senior discount. If you’re a senior citizen, there’s no shame in asking if a discount exists, especially when it can leave you with more money in your pocket. In this article, we’ll see whether there is a Kmart senior discount, and tell you about other stores that offer senior discounts.

Kmart Senior Discount

With so many retailers and restaurants, it can be tough to keep track of which ones provide senior discounts and at what age. Does Kmart offer additional savings for those in their golden ages? No. Unfortunately, Kmart does not offer a senior discount. Without a Kmart senior discount, you can still look to turn to other ways to save. Fortunately, there are some.

Other Kmart Discounts

Kmart is one of many retailers participating in the Shop Your Way (SYW) rewards program. With Kmart Shop Your Way, for every dollar you spend at Kmart or, you earn ten base points. Sometimes there are opportunities to boost your base points earned, depending on select items and special promotions. All purchases — except for tobacco, concessions, gift cards, and postage — are eligible for points. Additionally, surprise points may be given sporadically as part of special promotions.

1,000 points equals $1 for you to redeem towards your purchase. This is essentially free money in points for you to redeem. At checkout, just let the cashier know you’d like to use your SYW points. If you’re shopping online, you can choose how many points you’d like to apply during the checkout process.

To sign up for the Shop Your Way program, simply ask your Kmart cashier or register online. Once you’ve registered, be sure to keep checking your email for ways to get in on these deals and for conditions that may apply.

Similar Stores with Senior Discount Days

Even though Kmart doesn’t offer a senior discount, you can check out these similar stores that do. If you show your ID, you can use your age advantage to reap the benefits at these retailers.

1. Belk

  • Eligibility: 55+
  • Senior discount: 10%
  • Discount days: Every second Tuesday
  • Items: Valid on items in-store only
  • Source: Customer service representative
  • Find a Belk

2. Kohl’s

  • Eligibility: 60+
  • Senior discount: 15% off
  • Discount days: Wednesdays
  • Items: Most purchases, through select items like gift cards and charitable items are excluded. Cannot be used with other percent-off promos.
  • Source: Kohl’s Age-Specific Discount
  • Find a Kohl’s

3. Michael’s

  • Eligibility: 55+
  • Senior discount: 10% off
  • Discount days: Every day
  • Items: Most purchases, including sale price merchandise. Certain exclusions apply to items including As Seen on TV, custom made items, clearance items, and more.
  • Source: Michael’s Senior Discount
  • Find a Michael’s

4. Ross Dress for Less

For more places with senior savings, see our list of over 90 senior discounts.

Stores with No Senior Discount

Here are a few stores similar to Kmart that don’t offer senior discounts. To save you time, we’ve linked you to a few articles that will outline how you can still score savings at some of these retailers.

In Summary

While there is no Kmart senior discount, their participation in the Shop Your Way rewards program offers another great way to save money. Unfortunately, the senior discount isn’t as universal as it could be in retail. If you’re still looking for a senior discount day, check out some of the other stores we’ve listed, like Kohl’s, Belk, or TJ Maxx, that do offer senior discount days. Stay savings-savvy.


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