Kroger Carpet Cleaner Rental: Does It Offer Rug Doctor? Steam? Solved

Kroger storefront

Short answer: Kroger rents Rug Doctor carpet cleaners from around $30 to $35 for 24 hours. You can also rent smaller spot cleaners for about $25 for 24 hours. You may keep the carpet cleaners for an extra day for an additional $10 per cleaner. Carpet cleaning solution must be purchased separately for around $10.

Kroger Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy

Kroger does not rent steam cleaners, but it does rent Rug Doctor carpet cleaners, customer service representatives said.

We contacted Kroger corporate customer service as well as individual Kroger stores in Georgia, Indiana, and Ohio. All of the locations we contacted said they offered Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for rent, but not steam cleaners.

Large Rug Doctor cleaners can be rented for around $30 to $35 for a 24-hour period. You can also rent a machine for 48 hours for between $40 and $45. The maximum rental period is 48 hours. If you return your rental late, additional charges may be assessed.

Some Kroger locations also offer a small spot cleaner which may be rented for around $25 for 24 hours or $35 for 48 hours.

Some Kroger stores charge a $35 deposit at the time you pick up the cleaner, but that deposit is refunded when the machine is returned on time. Other locations require the entire rental amount be paid upfront.

In addition to renting the cleaner, you will need to purchase a carpet cleaning solution. Cleaning solutions are available at most Kroger stores starting at around $10.

Rug Doctor carpet cleaners can be rented from Kroger stores anytime the customer service desk is open. You will need to visit the customer service desk with a photo ID and your preferred method of payment.

Before you visit your local Kroger, you may want to give it a call to verify what type of carpet cleaners it has available, how much it charges, and when its customer service desk is open.

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