Kroger Cash Back Limit for Debit Cards, Credit, EBT, Checks, etc

Short Answer: Does Kroger do cash back? Yes. Cash back is available at cashiered registers, the customer service desk, and self-checkouts. Kroger has a $300 limit on cash back using a debit card and charges fees ranging from $0.50 to $3.50 for this service. Some locations also offer cash back on checks, Discover credit cards, and EBT cards with cash benefits; however, these transactions typically have lower limits ranging from $20 to $120. For more details of Kroger’s cash back policy, including the fees, limits, and process for each payment method, see below.

Kroger’s Cash Back Policy

Kroger stores offer cash back at the register, self-checkout, and customer service desk. The general corporate policy is to allow up to $300 cash back on debit card purchases.

Kroger may also allow you to get cash back using a check, Discover credit card, or EBT card. Each Kroger location may set its own policies regarding additional payment methods which allow cash back. It’s best to contact your local store for details if you wish to get cash back using something other than a debit card.

We contacted Kroger’s corporate customer service department, as well as Kroger stores in several states, to gather more information about the cash back policies. Below, we detail the usual limits, fees, and cash back process for each payment method.

Cash Back with a Debit Card

All of the Kroger stores we contacted allow up to $300 in cash back on debit card transactions, including purchases using the Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Visa debit card. Most stores charge $0.50 for up to $100 cash back and $3.50 for cash back from $100.01 to $300, though the fee for transactions over $100 may vary at the discretion of store management.

When you are paying for your items, the option to get cash back will appear on the card reader. Select the cash back amount you want, and the cashier or self-checkout register will give you cash back.

Note that your card must run as a PIN-based debit transaction to get cash back; if you run your debit card as a credit card, you won’t be able to get cash back.

Kroger used to allow cash back up to $100 with no fee; however, in the summer of 2019, it implemented the higher limit and began charging fees.

Cash Back with a Credit Card

Kroger stores generally do not offer cash back on any credit card transactions, except for Discover cards. Kroger participates in the Discover Cash Over program, which lets Discover Credit Card holders get up to $120 cash back every 24 hours. While Discover does not charge an additional fee for this service, regular interest rates apply to the cash back.

The process works the same as if the customer was using a debit card. You may also be able to get cash back on your non-Discover credit card if it has a PIN.

Cash Back with a Check

There is usually a much lower cash back limit when paying with personal checks at Kroger — about $20, in most cases. Kroger stores may require you to have a history of check writing at their store before you qualify for any cash back from your personal checks. Find out more about how to get cash back with a check in our dedicated article on Kroger’s personal check policy.

Cash Back with an EBT Card

Most Kroger stores allow between $50 and $100 cash back on EBT card transactions, provided you have a cash balance through a cash assistance program like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). See our list of qualifying programs for each state in our research on cash back benefits with your EBT card.

For more EBT cash back options, see our research on surcharge-free EBT ATMs and EBT cash back at Walmart.

Cash Back at the Customer Service Desk

While customers usually get cash back at the register when making a purchase, you can also get cash back with a purchase at the customer service desk. You should opt to get your cash back at the customer service desk instead of the register if you need a lot of cash back.

You may be able to get more cash back at the customer service desk than at the register because customer service has more cash on hand, though limits will vary at the discretion of the manager. Fees up to $6 will apply for large cash back amounts. Contact your local store for details, as limit and fee amounts vary.

Cash Back Policies at Other Stores

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