Kroger Raincheck Policy Explained (On-Sale, Out-of-Stock Items)

Kroger storefront

Short Answer

Kroger does not have a universal raincheck policy, but you should be able to get a similar item for the advertised sale price or be given a raincheck to come back and get the item on sale at a later date.

Kroger Raincheck Policy

Kroger does not have a universal raincheck policy, according to our communications with the company. Instead, raincheck policies will vary by store location.

To find out about a specific Kroger’s raincheck policy, you’ll need to contact the store.

As an example, the Kroger customer service representative said the raincheck policy in Carbondale, Ill., is as follows:

  • If the sale item is out of stock, a store associate can help you find a similar product and offer it at the sale price.
  • A store associate can also check another store location to see if the item is available nearby.
  • A store associate can offer a raincheck for the item so you can come back when the product is back in stock and still get the sale price.

Kroger sells more than groceries. It also has its own gas stations and pharmacies. Some store locations also sell money orders and offer other money services. If you have a Kroger Plus rewards card, the store can also look up your receipt to process a return.

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