Kroger Receipt Lookup Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Kroger can easily look up a receipt if you used your Kroger Plus rewards card to make the purchase. Some, but not all, Kroger locations can also access your receipt if you only used a credit card. Even if the store can’t look up your receipt, many Krogers will offer an exchange or store credit in place of a refund.

Kroger Receipt Lookup Policy Explained

Kroger can look up your receipt in-store if you need to make a return. To confirm, we reached out to multiple Kroger locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Each store verified that it could look up a receipt provided that we came in with the credit card used to make the purchase and our Kroger Plus card (a free rewards card you can get and use at any Kroger location).

However, the details of the Kroger receipt lookup policy vary from store to store. Some store associates said that we could look up a receipt to make a return any time during regular business hours.

A number of other Kroger locations stated that only certain managers could access past receipts. Some of these stores also noted that managers were only available in the morning or early afternoon.

We also asked about looking up a receipt without a Kroger Plus card. Some store associates flat-out said they couldn’t look up a receipt or make a return without one. However, some were willing to find workarounds.

An employee at an Irmo, S.C. location explained, “It’s a lot easier if you show your Kroger card.” An associate at a Macon, Ga. store offered to “work out an alternative solution.”

Meanwhile, an employee at a Lexington, Ky. Kroger said that the store’s accountant was necessary to look up a purchase history using only a credit card.

Employees at several Kroger locations in South Carolina offered exchanges or store credit if we had lost our receipt and hadn’t used a Kroger Plus card on the original purchase.


  • Melinda Clark

    My last Fred Meyer purchase was not recorded on my rewards card. I had held my card up to the machine at the cashier line and I believed at the time that I was logged in. I got home and realized I didn’t earn my fuel points. I was using a Fred Meyer credit card. Can my points be recorded now?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Melinda! Do you have your receipt? Like Kroger, Fred Meyer may or may not be able to look up your receipt; however, if you do have the receipt, you can add points to your rewards card for any purchase within the past three months. Call the Fred Meyer Rewards customer service department at (866) 518-2686 with your receipt on hand for assistance. Best of luck!

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