Kroger Return Policy Without Receipt: Restrictions, Limits Explained

Kroger storefront

Short Answer

Kroger’s return policy without a receipt varies by store location. Typically, items without a receipt are eligible for replacement or a store-credit refund. Some stores only allow non-receipt returns for items under $5 to $10; others will deny any return without the receipt. Some do not have a set time limit, while others accept returns within 30 or 90 days.

Kroger Return Policy Without a Receipt

Kroger’s return policy without a receipt varies by store. The Kroger Company, which operates a variety of grocery store chains — including Kroger, Dillons, King Soopers, Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, and City Market — states on its website that you can return or exchange a product as long as you have the original packaging and receipt.

To find out about returns without a receipt, we contacted Kroger’s media relations department, as well as Kroger grocery stores around the country.

While the information below will give you an idea of what to expect at your store, we found that the policy varies significantly by location, and it is best to contact your local store directly for the details.

Return Period

Kroger’s corporate return policy allows returns for any reason and at any time; however, our previous research found that, as with the no-receipt policy, the time limit for returns at Kroger varies by store.

Without your receipt, some Kroger locations will limit the return window to 30 or 90 days. Others do not have a set time limit for returns as long as the item meets the other return requirements.

For store-owned brands, Kroger guarantees its products and allows a return or exchange at any time. If you want to return a store-brand item without your receipt, you should be eligible for either a store credit or a replacement item, pending approval from the store manager.

Item Requirements

Some Kroger stores — about 30% of those we called — do not accept returns without the receipt, regardless of the purchase amount.

However, some are willing to accept returns for items under $5 or $10 without proof of purchase. Additionally, some stores do not restrict returns based on the item price.

Keep in mind that the official Kroger return policy requires you to return the product and its original packaging. The Kroger stores we called follow this policy, even if they accept returns without a receipt — so you will need to bring the item and its package to the store.

Refunds for No-Receipt Returns

If your local Kroger does accept returns without the receipt, it is likely that your refund will be in the form of store credit.

While some stores and managers may be willing to refund inexpensive items (such as those under $5) in cash, the stores we called told us that the customer will get a merchandise credit for the current price of the item at the time of the return.

Receipt Lookup

Not all Kroger stores allow returns without the receipt, as noted above. Since the official corporate policy requires the receipt, product, and original packaging, some Kroger stores will deny your return.

If your local Kroger does not accept non-receipt returns, an associate may be able to find your purchase in the store’s database. If you used your Kroger Plus rewards card or credit card during checkout and return the item to the same store where you originally bought it, the associate may be able to look up your receipt.


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