Kroger Return Policy: Requirements, Time Limits Explained

Blue "Kroger" logo sign on the exterior of a store

Short Answer

The Kroger return policy allows for returns at any time, as long as you have the receipt, according to Kroger’s corporate customer service department. However, during our research, we found that many Kroger stores only allow customers 30 days to make a return, but some stores don’t require a receipt if the item cost less than $5. For more information on the Kroger return policy, see below.

Kroger Return Policy

The Kroger return policy lets you return any item for any reason at any time, a corporate customer service representative said. You will need to present the receipt, the item, and the item’s original packaging in order to get a full refund. Perishable, prepared, and packaged items can be returned — even if they are spoiled.

We contacted Kroger stores in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennesee to confirm this information. About half of the store associates we spoke to confirmed the return policy as outlined above; however, the other half told us that the return window is 30 days and a receipt is not required for items that cost less than $5. Refunds without a receipt will be issued in the form of a Kroger gift card; returns with a receipt will be refunded to the original payment method.

Returns Without a Receipt

Kroger’s corporate customer service department told us that it does not allow returns without a receipt. If you no longer have your receipt but you are a Kroger Plus rewards cardholder, a store associate may be able to look up your transaction (as previously reported). For more on returning an item at Kroger without a receipt, see our related article.

Store Brand Guarantee

Kroger specifically guarantees products from its own store brand. If you are not happy with the quality of the product or don’t like it in general, you can return or exchange it at any time. If you don’t have the receipt, you may still be able to get a replacement item or be issued a refund in the form of a Kroger gift card.


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