La Quinta Cancellation Policy Explained

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Short Answer — The La Quinta Inn & Suites cancellation policy varies by location. In general, you’ll need to cancel your reservation before 6 p.m. on your scheduled check-in date to avoid a fee. However, some bookings may require more advance notice.

La Quinta Cancellation Policy Explained

La Quinta Inn & Suites considers several factors when processing a cancellation, a corporate customer service representative said. We were told that the cancellation policy varies by location and season.

Typically, canceling within 24 hours of your reservation is preferred, but, oftentimes, as long as you contact the hotel to cancel by 6 p.m. on your scheduled check-in date, there should be no cancellation charge or fee.

If you call to cancel your reservation after 6 p.m., you will be charged the cost of a one-night stay.

Another consideration is if there are any special events in the area during your hotel reservation. Specials events may put a 72-hour advance cancellation policy in effect.

When the hotel is heavily booked for a major event like the Super Bowl, a one-year advance cancellation policy may apply.

La Quinta’s parent company, Wyndham, gives few details in the cancellation policy outlined on its website. We contacted La Quinta locations in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Michigan to find out more about the policy.

Hotel staff said that if you booked directly through the La Quinta website, you can contact the hotel directly or dial (800) SLEEPLQ to cancel or change your reservation.

Alternatively, you can cancel online. If you booked through a third-party source, you will need to contact the company and follow its cancellation procedure.

Booking a block of rooms at a La Quinta hotel requires a minimum of 15 room reservations. The block of rooms must be reserved at least three weeks in advance; room reservations must be individually canceled by 6 p.m. on the scheduled date of check-in to avoid a cancellation fee.


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    Just wanted to know when i get my refund back for my hotel room cancellation, if you guys could let me know when i get it back would be awesome!!! Thanks!

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      Hello, Mike! Did you book directly with the hotel or through a third-party booking service like

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