Is jClub (formerly Choxi/NoMoreRack) Legit or a Scam? We Investigate

a woman looking at her credit card while online shopping

Choxi, which in 2015 changed its name to NoMoreRack, changed names again in 2017, now going by the name jClub.

What Is It?

Choxi (name changed from NoMoreRack back in April 2015), is a New York based e-retailer colossus.

The Choxi philosophy is “everything you love, for less” — and on the surface it certainly upholds this, selling literally thousands of items from fashion to electronics, famously boasting rock bottom, unbeatable prices with a twist — they’re timed.

Now in its fifth year of business, Choxi swiped the 66th spot recently in Online Retailer’s Top 500 Guide.

It claims to have leapt dramatically from $350,000 to $7 million in sales in just five years and is now housed on New York’s Park Avenue South.

They’ve also caught the eye of industry execs, with founder Deepak Argawal speaking at Deutsche Bank’s 2015 Tech Conference in Vegas.

With this kind of success, some people out there must be loyal and satisfied customers. But, some would-be customers have been left wondering if it’s all too good to be true…

Legitimate or a Scam?

One must wonder when a company changes its name so frequently.

Horror stories of wrong orders and stubborn customer service litter the internet, and the “Choxi/Nomorerack Consumer Customer Complaint Page” on Facebook has amassed nearly 4,000 followers.

In contrast, pleased customers proudly display Choxi hauls on YouTube and Choxi itself has 4.2 million Facebook followers.

But, its legitimacy has been questioned at times by regulators.

In 2013, Choxi (then NoMoreRack) was asked by the Better Business Bureau to substantiate claims including “…up to 90% off retail”, “…best and most trusted choice,” and “…the lowest prices.” Choxi responded satisfactorily within one month, and the case was closed.

Is jClub really a fraudulent operation luring customers in with the promise of more for less? Or do innocent but busy e-commerce companies sometimes simply get it wrong, particularly when they are just starting out?

We’ve done some digging and aim to get to the bottom of jClub’s reputation. And, most importantly, should you shop on jClub?

How to Buy

The site claims to source all of its products primarily via manufacturer closeouts, overstock products, and canceled orders.

They then offer their findings at 60-90% off the recommended retail price, ensuring a better deal for you on a great quality product.

jClub requires you to build a profile in order to shop. No quick checkout options here — jClub claims you won’t miss out on its fantastic deals if your details are already saved — although you can sign up from as little as an email address and password.

Your next step is to find yourself a bargain. Search from clothing to electronics, homeware to lifestyle, and fill your basket.

All items on jClub are individually timed in hours, minutes, and seconds until that offer expires. The hours left on an offer can climb into the thousands but equally can dip as low as one or two.

Deals go live daily at 12 p.m. EST. This means new items every single day at reduced prices.

Sold-out deals are often labeled as such, but the one time I chose something that had sold out without saying so, I was offered free shipping by way of apology. It was only good for one hour and counting, though.

Also popular are the events — basically deals grouped together by one common factor. By far the most sought after and scoured is the “Everything $2” event. Literally, everything is $2.

It’s easy to see how mad rushes develop. It’s a wonder the site doesn’t crash every day at 12:00.

The timed “stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap” method obviously really works. But, how does it stack up against other sites?

Is the site really offering great deals or does the time limit on the offer pressure us into buying something that might not be as good as it seems?

How Much Can You Save (And, Are You Really Saving)?

Good question. Let’s take this Cuisinart stainless steel programmable 15-bar espresso maker.

jClub has it for sale at $89. It also states quite clearly that the product retails at $365.

You’re saving 76% according to jClub — now who wouldn’t be pleased with that?

Espresso Choxi

But, the thing is, when you look a bit closer, you’re not saving 76%. You could potentially be paying $10 more than the market leader — you’ve guessed it — Amazon.

You see, it’s all in a word — refurbished. Not all products from jClub are refurbished.

But, in departments such as electrical and homeware, any bigger, expensive, and certainly branded products are likely to bear the refurbished stamp, including laptops, cameras, televisions, phones, wearable tech, and appliances.

Particularly if a product is new to the market, jClub will not be able to get these through its traditional methods of overstock sales because the items are still in demand direct from the manufacturer. So, new products too will tend to be refurbished.

jClub does state clearly that products are refurbished and points out that refurbished and recycled items are an eco-friendly way to shop. It’s true, we could all do with a little less waste.

But, if jClub is selling you a secondhand item, should the site really be comparing the savings to that of a new one? Maybe that’s a matter of principle, but you can’t argue with the numbers.

Amazon offers the same espresso maker brand new for $182.62, a saving of 50% off the MSRP, but it also offers a refurbished product for $79 — that’s 11% less than jClub.


The problem is that refurbished products aren’t standardized. Therefore, what you get is simply what the vendor considers to meet a good, like-new standard.

The price difference would suggest jClub’s espresso maker is refurbished better than Amazon’s. It’s subjective, and open for discussion, but the point is there is a cheaper alternative out there.

Another way jClub beats the competition is by failing to state the brand name of certain items. Maybe it would be cheaper elsewhere if you knew where it came from in the first place to compare it.

But when your deal is timed, who has time to search online for similar products? Maybe that’s what jClub is counting on.

While it claims to offer 60-90% off, its offers are by no means all this good. Having spotted a deal at 15%, I decided to search by discount, lowest to highest, to see if there was anything for less.

I was not disappointed. One item offered an impressive 0% savings, actually proving to be $0.01 higher to purchase from jClub than the retail price.

That’s not exactly in keeping with jClub’s core values and principles of everything for less.

0 Per Cent

Beware too of artificial price inflation. In order to substantiate claims of over 50% off, many businesses have been caught inflating prices.

Seeing anything 80% off makes you feel pretty savvy, but the claims are often exaggerated.

While Choxi has never been publicly shamed for doing this, it didn’t take me long to find an ad for an unbranded 4GB Micro SD card with SD adapter for $1, with a retail price of $29.99. Amazon sells a branded SD card of the same size with adapter for $5.38, with a retail price of $16.39.

The lack of a brand makes it difficult to substantiate exactly how much a jClub shopper will save, but if a branded SD card retails at $16 full price, doesn’t $30 seem a little steep for an unbranded product?

The Downsides — What Makes it Seem Scammy?

  • $2 flat shipping per item. For some products, shipping can be higher than the item itself. This is also not good for when you buy multiple items. jClub doesn’t offer free shipping once you buy ‘x’ number of products like many other online stores.
  • Timed deals and low stock indicators. The clock can give you anxiety. That can lead to panic buying things that you might not necessary need, want, or can afford.
  • Customer service by email only. Sometimes you just want to speak to a human.
  • No universal size chart. Each product requiring a size chart will have its own individual one. Don’t let it catch you out and require you to potentially pay…
  • …return shipping fees. These will be deducted from your refund amount, should you return an item. You may also incur a 30% restocking fee which is displayed on the site, but you will have to look for it.

The Upsides — What Makes it Legitimate?

  • Good deals at low prices. It does deliver on this one, at face value anyway, but remember to price check elsewhere.
  • Small suppliers get a boost. The site deals directly with suppliers, so start ups and small companies can gain exposure and grow.
  • $2 flat shipping per item. Good if you’re buying something large and/or heavy.
  • “100% Authentic” – this is the jClub promise. Just remember to check if your stuff is brand new or refurbished.
  • Get a year’s free magazine subscription with every purchase. Not as gimmicky and useless as some freebies out there.
  • It’s charitable. Through its Charity Deals, the site helps multiple charities continue their good work. Giving made easy.

Not For You? Try These Equivalents…

The idea of flash sales and timed sales has really taken off in recent years — when jClub was still NoMoreRack. Saving money is now fashionable, and the internet is getting bigger each day.

Several sites have come up with innovative ideas, such as sales only lasting for 24 hours or focusing on your city or area to help local commerce.

If you’re still not sold on jClub, there are similar sites out there:

  • Woot!: Offers daily deals lasting one single day, or until the product has sold out. Woot! was founded way back in 2004, and even has a wine section.
  • 1 Sale: Offers one item posted at a highly discounted rate at midnight every night. Several sister sites now run successfully, focusing on specific products.
  • Daily Sale: Offers 24-hour timed sales based in Florida. A similar range of products to jClub, but with a smaller following.

Want a more laid back experience? See our article: Is Overstock Legit? Is Overstock Safe to Purchase From? The Review

Should You Dish Out Your Cash?

Repeat business accounts for the majority of jClub’s sales. These are obviously satisfied customers who like the idea of price-slashed bargains.

Perhaps these people have been fortunate enough not to incur any problems with the site or just aren’t put off if they have.

But, it seems to some potential customers, jClub is tainted by bad experiences and isn’t doing quite enough to shake off its bad rep, nor allay the fears and suspicions of new or would-be customers.

Sadly, you’re more likely to hear a bad story than a good one online, so while raging consumers shine through, the “arrived quickly” and “good item!” posts get lost in the sea of negativity. But don’t forget they are out there!

Be aware too that many jClub products are sent directly from the supplier, rather than a jClub warehouse or depot.

Many disappointed buyers state online their faulty / incorrect product came from Nepal, India, or China — but it wasn’t jClub who picked, packed, or sent the item, yet they get the blame as the point of sale and first recipient of buyers’ cash.

Again, this is an issue they need to find a better resolution to — perhaps better liaisons with suppliers or instilling a “fulfilled by” promise, similar to Amazon.

But, is jClub a scam? No, we don’t think so.

Should you shop there? Yes — if something catches your eye and it really is the best price out there, then there’s every reason to expect the good quality item you ordered to arrive quickly and in perfect condition, like any other retailer.

But, as ever online, exercise some caution and shop aware.

What to Know Before You Shop

  • Remember to read carefully what you’re getting. jClub states when its items are refurbished. Similarly, in the FAQ, it openly admits some of its clothing labels may be cut. Would it be nice if this were displayed on the item page? Maybe, but it is also up to you to research.
  • Know your rights. jClub only lets you communicate with them by email. But, look on the bright side — this means plenty of time to draft a factual and well referenced email that will get your point across and get your issue sorted — no arguments needed.
  • If it seems too good to be true — it probably is. Always research and check for better prices. Google shopping and similar price comparison sites can help you identify a benchmark price for items and work out if you actually are getting a good deal. Again, always price compare to make sure jClub is giving you a good deal!


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  • cass_4310

    I had a 90-day ordeal between April and July 2016 no different than many if the consumers who posted here. I was offered two store credits with additional dollars. After the second time, I requested a refund. I made a routine of 7-10 daily harassing emails to Choxi demanding a refund. I feel fortunate to have recovered my money. I did not stop there, however. In addition to filing a BBB complaint, I began harassing Google to rescind their “Google Trusted” label with the same veracity. I insisted Google pay attention to reviews that are so easily searchable on their own engine. Articles like this help consumers remain vigilant. Just because a company was once reliable does not mean they remain so. I truly feel for the many vendors Choxi has harmed. People like this must be stopped one site at a time.

  • Nina Roberts

    Choxi has about a hundred dollars of my money. I ordered several items. When they were not shipped in a reasonable time, I cancelled the orders. I have tried to order other items, using my Choxi credit and, again, the items did not arrive in a reasonable time so I cancelled the orders. Any chance of getting my money back from Choxi?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Nina,

      Unfortunately, it looks like Choxi filed for bankruptcy as of December 2016. While some of the vendors have been absorbed into the jClub platform, there’s still no word on resolving the outstanding complaints about missing or cancelled orders from Choxi. Since Choxi has not been offering any response, your best bet is to get in touch with the credit card company through which you made the purchase, and seeing if you can pursue a refund through that institution rather than through Choxi itself. There are time limits on when chargebacks can be granted, as well as policies that vary by bank/credit card issuer, but it may be worth a try since Choxi has been totally unresponsive. Best of luck getting this resolved!

  • Maria Reasoner

    Hello, This is Maria and I ordered and returned the package within 10 days and never got any money back and that was in November 20, 2015 at the amount of $85.00 and the order number was #23259652. It has been over a year and I just found out that Choxi isn’t in any business as well as NoMoreRack. Can you please tell me how I can get the money back or will I ever get it back. The order was BestPet 80″ Cat Condo Scratching Post in color Brown. The reason for the return it was sized for kittens not cats. Thank you and hope to hear from you.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Maria,

      The latest news is that Choxi filed for bankruptcy in December of 2016, and there is still no way to contact the company about any outstanding issues as far as refunds or missing orders. Unfortunately, the time limit for chargebacks (which is essentially a refund granted through the credit card company rather than through the vendor) is generally 90 to 120 days after the purchase, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pursue a refund through your credit card company. However, since Choxi is entirely unresponsive, it may be worth contacting the credit card company to inquire whether there is anything that can be done about recouping your money through the card issuer rather than through Choxi itself (although, again, policies will vary by company). Best of luck!

  • Emilie Hill

    I have previously shopped on Nomorerack/Choxi and thought their merchandise was kind of cheap and cheesy. But my point in writing to you is today, I got an email from a “new” shopping site called jClub, offering me a discount on my first purchase. I never use links in emails from unverified sources, so I went to the site that looks suspiciously like Choxi. I wonder if they’re back with a new name. Although this site makes a big deal about having customer service telephone reps available that are located in the northeast US.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Emilie,

      It seems that after Choxi declared bankruptcy in December 2016, numerous Choxi vendors were incorporated into the existing jClub platform. Part of the license agreement between Choxi and jClub involved the sale of Choxi’s customer database and mailing list — which is likely why you received the email about jClub. You can read more about the transition in this letter to Choxi customers. I hope this helps clear things up!

  • Mary Cotton

    It is a shame to read this. It came up because a friend asked where I got all my great fur-lined boots (“Dawgs”) and I decided to look at the site after I recommended it to her. I was disappointed to have to go back to her to alert her to a potential problem. All I can say is I’m glad I had not ordered from them for several months. I had gotten a lot of really good deals and quality merchandise with no problem at all. A couple times something didn’t arrive and when I contacted them they were quick to respond and fix the problem. I’m not defending them, just saying my experience with them was always positive, that from the customer side of things they seemed to operate in a legitimate and fair way for a good while. I think some of the complaints people are making could have been avoided with being a more savvy online shopper. 🙂 They offered free shipping on occasion and I would watch for that to make my deals even better. I generally ignored the “buy quick” deals and only purchased what i needed/wanted. I never bought anything in the area of electronics because I rarely do that online, especially if it says refurbished (some places sell these kind of things online without saying “refurbished” – you have to give them credit for being upfront with that.) Anyway, I’m sorry they failed and I feel bad for those who have more recently dealt with them when things have apparently run amok. I hope people will get their issues resolved.

  • Anne

    I gave been looking for a refund for about 8 months. Let me know if this goes to a class action.

    • Sandy

      I remember a post saying they were operating under another name. You may want to check on it. I have 10.00 still due but at this point writing it off. Such a shame. They had really good deals!
      .Good luck

      • jenny watts

        what is the new name

        • First Quarter Finance logo
          First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

          Hi Jenny,

          While it’s not entirely clear if Choxi is operating under a new banner, many customers believe that Daily Sale is being run by the same company or an affiliated group. Choxi did recently form an agreement with jClub, which included incorporating numerous Choxi vendors into the existing jClub platform and the transfer of Choxi’s customer database. You can read more about the transition in this letter to Choxi customers.

  • Sefer

    We have also been screwed over 7k as a vendor from Our buyer was Marina Konevsky. They have screwed us over and lied to us multiple times about payment and fabricated a circumstance which they could not ship us. We have never seen any digital commerce company work as they have.

  • Rina Fernie

    Wow! just read all of the feedback. I was not aware. I am shocked as I have been trying no end to contact Choxi re my back order since July 19, 2016.
    I guess I’m not getting my money back, I have asked to cancel and no response and they are not even picking up the phone. Please advise as to any updates so that us the customer who have been purchasing from this company for years are able to take further action to get our money back. Thank you.

    • en

      yes all my emails i sent are being sent back as none deliverable…the phone is off and the website…gone

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Rina,

      Unfortunately, Choxi left behind a quite a mess when the website went dark. There are no further updates to the story that I’ve been able to find. The only luck that most customers seem to be having in getting a refund is by going through the credit card company to try and initiate a chargeback. There are time limits and other restrictions on whether a credit card company will be able to help you get your money back this way, but it seems that this is the best option available for now. Best of luck getting this resolved!

  • Charlene Fair

    I am still owed approximately $300 in credit amount from orders not fulfilled; credit [supposedly] had No Expiration Date — I was going to use for Christmas shopping…?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Charlene,

      With no signs of life from Choxi at this time, it’s probably best to get in touch with the credit card company through which you made the purchases to see about a refund, rather than waiting on Choxi store credit. There are limits to what credit card companies can do as far as chargebacks, but from the reports of most Choxi customers, that has a better chance of success than trying to get anything out of Choxi. Best of luck!

  • connie watkins

    I would like my store credit back please send link thanks cw

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Connie,

      It sounds like most people have had the best luck contacting their credit card issuer for a refund rather than going through Choxi. Since the Choxi website is still down, this is likely the best option available. Good luck!

  • connie watkins

    I had &46.00 store credit with choix if there is a link please send

  • Rebecca Peterson

    To “Jack” who told us that is actually Choxi, I just wanted to say that I had great success with my order (with DailySale). I recently received all items in a reasonable amount of time. They sent me a status email regarding my order in which they encouraged me to contact customer service via email if I had any questions or concerns. I wrote and said that I had heard that DailySale was Choxi’s new trade name and I wanted to know if that was true. If so, I wanted to know if they would honor the $128.00 credit I had with Choxi. I never received a response, so I’m not sure how to interpret that. Regardless of the company name and ownership, I am hoping to be able to deal with an online shopping website that operated like NoMoreRack did, i.e. almost unbelievable prices, good customer service, and very reliable on-time delivery.

    • Melissa Aki

      I believe that is Choxi because they have the same merchandise that I’ve always ordered from Choxi, although the prices are a little bit higher. It’s a shame that they screwed customers and vendors out of their money then just created another site. Anybody who has a credit or is a vendor who is owed money, should contact Daily Sale until they are forced to answer for themselves.

  • Melissa Aki

    When you go to Choxi now, it says “ is coming soon”. Not sure if that means they are working on the site or if the domain name is up for grabs.

  • Julieta A

    I was a vendor on the site, They owe me thousands of dollars and have affected my small business tremendously.. I met Anisha; a merchandiser at Choxi at the offprice show in Las vegas. She opened my vendor account , Six months later I never got paid. Does anyone have information of a good Lawyer In New York I can contact?

  • Kim

    I received an item last week from them. I still have two items that I have not received.

  • Vendor

    we are out 50K as a vendor

  • Melissa Aki

    When Choxi was NoMoreRack, I ordered from them all the time. I got great merchandise at great prices and I never had a problem with refunds or anything. Several months ago, I was looking for items that I had ordered multiple times and I noticed that they weren’t available anymore. Also, the selection in each category was very limited. so sad. I was planning on ordering my favorite boots from them soon. Not sure what happened. So sad. 🙁

  • Diane Diaz

    I purchased an item that was never sent and instead of refunding my money, I was given store credit. Who do I CONTACT about getting my refund?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Diane,

      It seems that some people have had luck pursuing a refund through their credit card company rather than through Choxi directly. This is called a chargeback and there are limits as to how long after a purchase you can request one, but since Choxi seems to have gone entirely dark, this is likely the best option available. I’ve made a note at the top of the article to advise people in a similar situation of this option. Best of luck getting things resolved!

      • Diane Diaz

        Thank you very much. I’ll give it a try.

  • lambchop

    I would guess that at this time they have close up shop. There is no way to get to their website – not even through a “backdoor” and no one answers their 800 phone number. We can assume they are gone — but not forgotten.

  • Myra Grossarth

    I to had the advice that they were backlogging orders & and getting new employees. They just lied to me, telling me that my orders were still being processing. I’m out $80.00 We need a good lawyer that will fight for us.

  • Rebecca Peterson

    I have always had pretty good luck with NoMoreRack, then Choxi. However, I had a $128.00 credit which I tried to claim by filling out an order for about $130.00 last week. When I tried to hit “submit order” it said the sight was undergoing maintenance. I would try later and get a different message until this week. Now I can’t even get to Choxi’s website because “the website cannot display the page.” Do you have any idea what is going on?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Rebecca,

      Unfortunately, there’s very little information available about the state of Choxi at the moment. The latest details I could find suggested that there was a company-wide overhaul going on and customer service agents were in the process of working through months of backlogged complaints. (You can read that article, if you’d like.) That last update came in mid-September, and it’s been radio silence ever since. Many of our other readers have had good luck going directly to credit card companies for a refund — that may be the way to go if you’re looking to get your money back. Sorry I couldn’t bring you a more definitive answer!

    • Rebecca Peterson

      Good morning, Hillary. Thank you so much for your reply. I did some research yesterday and supposedly Choxi has ceased operations until they can get things straightened out, plus they fired top management and are proceeding under committee “rule.” If this is true, and if they are indeed wading through each customer service complaint until they get to them all, I support them. They could just as well claim bankruptcy and be done with it, right? It seems they are learning from their mistakes and trying to be a better company. The concept under which they had been operating (selling at such great prices) was a huge benefit to me so I am pulling for them. However, because I don’t want to be burned if they just can’t make it, I am going to ask my credit card company to assist me in getting a full refund. I found another company that is very much like Choxi and placed an order yesterday. We will see what happens. The company is Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my comment.

      • jack


  • Kim P

    As of today, 11/29/2016, I have three outstanding items from three different orders. I emailed customer service today, but have not heard anything back. I can not even get on the website (says website can not be found). I am probably not going to receive a refund, which means I am out about $70.00

    • Mary Carnes

      Same with me Kim. I can’t log onto my account to see what I have in credit but I know I do have some. i also used part of that credit to order merchandise for $77.00. i have been waiting for it since i ordered it in June of this year. i sent them an email about 2 months ago and haven’t heard a word. i tried to go on their website today but it is no longer up and running. Guess i will have to wait until a lawsuit and getting only a third back of my loss, if that.

    • kitty

      My credit card company gave me all my money back. Even the stuff that they forced me to take a “store credit” for. Call your credit card company/bank whatever. Tell them you never received the product and the company seems to be out of business. Have them investigate. You should get a full refund.

  • Kitty Z

    I placed my order – got my items – they aren’t good. I emailed them 3 times asking for a RMA and to be REFUNDED the same way I paid. (Unfortunately I had store credits for PREVIOUS returned items) I contacted my credit card company for the most recent order. At least I’ll get money back on my credit card if I don’t hear back from Choxi. I filed with BBB also. I want ALL my money back, the stuff from my store credits too.

  • Glen Ritchie

    At this time they probably wont answer your email ever. some vendors are being paid back but if you havent been contacted you’re probably not going to be. New investors, same crappy ideology.

  • Deborah Andrews

    When Choxi was NMR I was a satisfied customer. Now I’ve been waiting since June of this year for an order I placed. They did cancel the first order due to the vendor being unavailable. This led me to believe they were actually legitimate, so I was given a store credit and I ordered something different. That, too, was unavailable so another order was placed and I’m still waiting. I have since requested a refund, politely, twice – with absolutely zero response from them. Theft by deception is still a theft. I’m done with waiting for overpriced products that I’ve discovered on from reliable vendors at much more reasonable prices.

    I am sorely disappointed with the people of They appear to be thieves and liars.


    Deborah D. Andrews

    • tracey b

      Deborah file a complaint with the BBB of NY. That is where the company is listed. Also some people have been able to get refunded through their bank. After I filed with the BBB, I got an email from Choxi customer service rep, THANKING me for my patience (LOL) and that my order would be shipping on such and such date! I told her NO THANK YOU! Refund me money. The only reason they contacted me was because they have so many days to respond to the BBB after filing a complaint. They are deceiving and stealing people money knowing fully well they can’t provide the goods!

  • Pablo

    I guess I’m not getting my money back my order is almost 2 month and lately I have asked to cancel and no response and they are not even picking up the phone. It says they are close only open 9 – 6.

  • Tracey B

    AHHH! This is so funny. It seems that since I filed a complaint with the BBB last week..Choxi customer service has come out of the woodworks!! I received an email yesterday stating, “we are sorry for the inconvenience. We try to satisfy our customers 100%..your order will be shipped out on September whatever!” No! I’m no longer interested in my order. Return my money and good riddance! The only reason why you are contacting me is because you have so many days to respond to the BBB! Sorry! Nope! Nada! Your company has proved that it is unreliable and apparently not fit to be a business, IN BUSINESS!!!! Over a month since I placed my order and you want me to still accept it like nothing happened! Pleaseeeeeee! GOODBYE CHOXI!

    • Tracey b

      Here’s an update to the posting above. I was contacted again by Choxi customer service to let me know they are refunding me my money within 5-7 business days. I’ll let you all know if I get it. This was a result of filing a complaint with the BBB. In that filing you are asked what “result” you would like from this filing. You have the option, and right, to get your money back!

      • Deborah Andrews

        You know what’s interesting? I, too, received a response offering me store credits to spend as I choose. My response was to clarify that I did not ask for store credit, but an actual refund of my cash dollars. I’ll be filing a complaint today with the BBB of New York.

        • Tracey b

          Hi Deb
          I received my refund on Friday!

  • Cindy Skola

    I have been waiting over a month for my items, now the “Norton Guarantee” is no longer applicable (over 30 days) I did call PayPal and they have reversed the charge. So if anyone paid with Pay Pal, you can get your money back.

    Really feel sorry for the Vendors…..

  • Cindy Skola

    Are they still in Business? I placed an order Aug 1st and have received nothing. I have emailed several times with no response. The “Chat” button is no longer available on their webpage and when you call them during business hours, voicemail says “call back during business hours” Do I just kiss my $$ spent for purchases goodbye?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Hi Cindy,

      It appears they are basically hiding while they try to figure out this mess. Once they figure out how to set things straight, they’ll likely begin responding to everyone. But for now, they are probably in panic mode over at HQ.

  • Dan

    I placed an order a month ago, I haven’t received as an email, what up with them ?

  • Anjanika Walker

    Have ordered in the past from No More Rack and Choxi and had no issues. This time around, not only can you not reach their customer service number, but none of the goods that were ordered were actually sent out. I think its important that folks don’t go on this website for shopping. Its a shame, because I did like them when they were No More Rack

  • Simon G

    I have used No more rank/Choxi successfully in the past, I got what I ordered BUT my last order for a men’s watch I placed & paid for on 7/14/16 has not shipped and all the other comments about customer service is true! I cannot get a response from anyone at Choxi, the 1-800 number is out of service, no chat, no email responses. Buyer Beware! Do not order! I’m not very internet savvy as it relates to social media but somehow this news of the company stiffing it’s customers needs to get out more in the mainstream news such as a mainstream TV business report. I’ve called my credit card bank and submitted a dispute and refund request and my bank was very receptive in helping me get my money back.

  • Jeanette

    I have reached out to choxi for updates on orders with no response. They have in the past been very quick to respond to questions. I also tried calling the customer service phone number. Response was office closed even during regular business hours. Are they going out of business?

  • Sandy

    Hey, guys….just try giving their 800 number a call! WHAT A FREAKING JOKE! Their offices are ALWAYS CLOSED…regardless of what time ya call! These folks are CROOKS, there’s no doubt about it now! Orders not received! No way to really track your order like they SAY you can in the email response to your inquiry! FILTHY CROOKS PERIOD!!

    • Yan

      Their offices were closed at that time because the front line employees walked off the job after not being paid for almost two months.

  • Tracey

    I just recently placed an order August 5th for 3 items, non-customized and as of today no products, but they took my $35.00 payment!!!! Initially they were responding via chat, but now they don’t even answer that. Also sent several emails and they claim to get back to you within 24hrs..NOT! This smells like a class action lawsuit and I’m going to find a lawyer willing to take this on! This is beyond ridiculous! I only bought one other time under the old name and I had no problem getting my order. I don’t know why someone takes something that obviously worked, but got greedier!

  • Patrick

    Echo everything here. Nothing new to write: they take your money, you do not get an order and play the waiting game. This was not the case with NoMoreRack but Choxi experience has been horrible with 2016 being the worst.

    Little to no response from customer service and no hope in sight!!!

    • Patrick (update)

      If you have ordered from them, contact your credit card company and due a charge back. This was the only way i was able to get my money back

  • Brandi C

    I have ordered about 8 times from them and besides getting wrong items shipped a couple of times I had no issue with them until now. Placed an order 6 weeks ago, did the online ‘chat’ a couple of times to get an update on where my 5 items were at only to be told ‘when our vendor notifies us of shipment we update you’. Now the ‘chat’ button no longer exists, their voicemail goes straight to the Nomorerack customer service desk and they don’t respond to email. I filed a complaint with the BBB where they now have a D rating. And this practice of billing before shipping is downright thievery.
    I have a strong hunch they are just taking the money and running and all of us who have ordered are out the money.

    • John Leighton

      Check again, I looked this morning.. they are now a F

  • Zach Brown

    I am currently pursuing a claim for a client of mine against choxi.come

    I legally cannot discuss it in an open 3rd party forum, or with unrelated parties. However if any benefits need help, I am currently having a draft drawn up under tyne bureau of Internet fraud in the state of NY. Feel free to call me for help if needed. 877 296 4726. I am sure if enough cases are brought together it could eventually lead to a criminal investigation for fraud. Especially if they are similar to my clients case, which they all sound similar to me.

    Ask for Mr. Brown.

    • Tracey Brown

      I have initiated contact with a website about a possible class action lawsuit. I’m waiting to hear back from someone. I’ll post here what the results are, and if anyone is interested, I’m sure they will give me a link or information to share if they think it is worth pursuing.

      • Vina

        I don’t understand why the Internet Police 😉 cant just go shut them down!

    • Tracy S

      They owe me about $80 starting from March 2016. Items never shipped, they offered me credits, I played this game with them for a while but the last email they responded to was about 2 months ago. I had cancelled about three orders that never arrived after months to get to the $80. And like the silly trusting fool I was, I used my credit to order yet another item that is unfulfilled. For some reason 1 very small cheap item in a canceled multiple item order arrived in July. When I read the other comments I hear exactly my story. I was a very regular customer up to 2016 and now I am in the same boat with everyone else. If there is class action, I’m in!

  • Tony Chambers

    Other practices exercised by Choxi that buyers should be aware:
    **Items are billed immediately at time or order, deducting charges from credit card or PayPal ( I have read that Choxi no longer accepts PayPal???)
    ** Items typically dont arrive before two weeks, but some have seen delays well over a month – I ordered boots that took over two months,
    ** In the event of delayed shipment, more than 30m days, a retailer is obliged by FTC to advise customer and offer cancellation and refund , Choxi doesnt do this
    ** Choxi will often offer an account credit rather than a direct CC credit when items are not available to ship or returned

    Source: moderator of Facebook Page Choxi/Nomorerack Consumer Complaint Page

  • Randall

    I’m another vendor who just seeked legal counsel we are now more than 7 months past due in over $100,000 in invoices for products shipped. I think what is starting to happen is a bunch of these vendors are no longer shipping and Choxi isn’t refunding the customers who haven’t received their items. Honestly I don’t think they planned on doing this initially but if you check the info they were to receive huge funding from Oak Investment Partners and one of the partners defrauded the firm leaving Choxi in the dry of receiving funding, which probably has lead to these payment issues. We’ve been a vendor of theirs for over 3 years….

  • jan

    They took an order on 5/10. Took the money on 5/11 and the product still has not shipped. Every online retailer takes the money when an item ships. Customer service is horrible. Reads a script and does nothing to help you. The supervisors are equally as bad. Stay away from them

  • Chrissy H

    I’ve noticed a lot their items prices aren’t comparable like they used to be anymore and there is a price difference between mobile sites and a computer. I’ve definitely made my last order when they couldn’t fulfill an order and just thanked me for my patience. But they have been good about being able to send items back that aren’t as described and you get a store credit and that became an issue because you had to make a minimum order just to use it. I’m exhausted just writing this.

  • Sally B

    I enjoyed purchasing from NoMoreRack, and now Choxi, for years, until 2016. I’m an avid online shopper right now due to a bad injury. From January through March, five of my orders contained the correct product in the wrong color, four other orders were deemed unfulfillable, once I was sent a product somewhat similar to, but definitely not the product that was shown, and I also was sent two identical products I never ordered. I don’t know what’s behind this marked decline in service, but I’m absolutely done shopping there!

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      Thank you for sharing, Sally. Customer reviews are the best way to gauge a company’s value. Sorry to hear about the recent ball drops. They must have been very frustrating – over and over again.

      • John Leighton

        I have ordered from them for the past 3 years.. The past 6 months I have been unable to get anything from them.. Every order is deemed unfulfillable.. I get credit but cannot get my money back. Even when you look at their site now, 90% of their merchandise is now gone.

        • Judy

          I got them to agree to giving me my money back instead of store credit and for a 36.00 purchase they added back to my account 82 cents and will not return an email. Any lawyers out there interested in a class action suit, I am in.

        • Mary Carnes

          Me too John. I have no idea what, if any money is in my account but I do know that they have not shipped my $77.00 in merchandise which I ordered 6 months ago. My e-mails are unanswered as well. The site is now down and I have no idea what to do!

          • Sandra

            In the beginning I was very happy then things started to subside this year. No response no shipment. Then a rep popped out of nowhere then disappeared! I think I am out less than 20.00 in credits. Can’t seem to get it verified! I At this point will take the loss

          • Rhonda

            I have almost $100 in credit with them. When you find out what can be done will you let the rest of us know please! Thank you!

      • elayne mendonca

        I will not get a response back it has been over a month and I would like a refund for my purchase

        • Mike

          I called my bank and they resolved the issue with my last order on choxi…money was deposited into my Acct.the same day…it took one day

          • jenny watts


      • Sandra Lyons

        I left and came back. The last three months have been horrible! Is something going on with the company? Took three emails to finally get a response. I loved the bargains BUT at what cost? Waiting on orders since July. Something is up. I asked for my account to be cancelled.

    • Dixie Porter

      I also have encountered a lot of issues since 2016
      I have ordered several items that we sad were in stock.
      After waiting 7 weeks they send me an email stating that the items are no longer available.
      I have been a regular customer with nomorerack for years.
      Since it changed to choxi it has been nothing but a nightmare.
      I no longer will shop choxi as they don’t seem to deliver anything I order.
      Stay away from this company.

      • John

        Because Choxi does not have a warehouse with products, they only keep the money. The product you purchased was supposed to be shipped by a vendor. You didn’t receive it because the vendor didn’t ship it to you. Probably because Choxi owes money to that vendor

        • Vina

          Yes, I agree. After reading the comments from Vendors, I have now determined that the reason I have not received my items in over 6 weeks is because the vendors probably weren’t paid. How sad. I have requested a refund…My fingers are crossed! I’m sorry for not learning more about how the business worked in the beginning. I may not have ordered.

    • Carol Hudson

      I am with you on not shopping with Choxi again. I have tried calling the customer service line all week with no answer. I have written to customer service many times with no answer. I am still waiting on items ordered in March and June. I hate it since I loved this site for a long time.

      • Kris Black

        I’m in the same mess. Waiting months for my order. They gave me a $25 credit, instead of refunding my money. They promised it would ship immediately, stating their vendors had not lived to their side of the business and they had new vendors. Nothing ever shipped. No emails replies.

  • John Smith

    Why don’t you write an article about how CHOXI does not pay their vendors. How they have a Bal Harbor multi million dollar condo on the beach. They cheat heir vendors and live it up.
    While you are at, why not question them why they got H1Visas for their relatives to make $260,000 a year. And how do they pay them, by not paying their vendors. It is well known and no one wants to talk about it.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

      If you want to send me some sources, I’ll check them out. If the claims are legitimate, I’ll update the article.

      • jack

        we are owed 16K and 5 months behind on invoices!!!

      • John Leighton

        I think it’s time you updated the article… have you read the responses..

        • First Quarter Finance logo
          First Quarter Finance | William Lipovsky

          Hi John,

          The article has been updated. The comments have indeed been getting much worse lately. And it’s not just on this site – as confirmed by the newest Better Business Bureau rating.

          • Tracey B

            Here are a few things you can do. 1) Do not order anything else from Choxi…formerly Nomorerack and tell your friends and family not to order anything at this time either. Despite their known, current, circumstances, the website is still allowing you to place orders. It will also immediately withdraw the money from whatever payment source you use. 2) File a complaint with the BBB of NY. This is where the company is listed. 3) One consumer managed to get a refund through his bank. Not sure if that will work for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Lastly, this is a civil suit waiting to happen. The one website I contacted responded that they would not be interested in a suit at this time, BUT that doesn’t mean that this situation doesn’t qualify as a civil suit. They (website) was not interested. Consumers and Vendors alike have been duped.

      • Heatther

        You can’t even get on Choxi website. You can’t even contact them at all. I can’t, no one can. I placed an order three months ago. The last two times I wrote them about it, they didn’t respond to me. Make an effort to make it right. They charged me before it shipped. And if you can’t tell it still hasn’t. I would like to find a legit way to get a hold of these people. But there is nothing. Should I sue? What would you do? I don’t think any company should get away with stilling from people.

        • First Quarter Finance logo
          First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

          Hi Heatther,

          Unfortunately, a lot of customers are in the same boat as you right now. From the experience of other readers, it sounds like the best course of action is to ask for a refund from the credit card company that you used to make the purchase. Many customers have had luck getting their money back by getting in touch with the credit card company instead of trying to contact Choxi directly.

    • Kyle Charles

      Mr Smith – Choxi owe us almost $100K. They’re only response is “We are behind on payments”. This was 4 months ago…This has ruined my business. They stopped replying to our requests for payment. We have hired an attorney in Chino, CA. that has an impressive amount of legal contacts in New York City where Choxi is located to start a lawsuit. Look up Mr. David Kaloyanides on google. Call him and let’s get our money back!.

      • Maple

        you can contact us as well – their payment invoicing is horrible – we are also owned several thousand dollars

      • John

        Kyle there’s no point in speaking to a lawyer in Chino, CA. You need to hire a lawyer in NY where the contracts were signed.

      • Mike

        Hey mr kyle charles, i have been also selling on choxi and they owe me a lot of money too. I was wandering if you have filed a lawsuit against them, and if you got your money back?! Please call or text me and kindly share your experience 3102373962. Everyone else in this chatroom is welcome to contact me to help me get my money back also.thanks

    • John Doe

      Will Lipovsky you clearly know nothing about Choxi. The fancy website and colorful pictures have fooled you, like everyone else. Choxi has manipulated the public and successfully scammed their vendors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      Like the other brave vendors who have chimed in, we have also fell victim to these scumbags, struggling for months to get paid on OUR product that we shipped to THEIR customers, for FREE. While the execs bask in the glory with our money they illegally stole from us.

      We don’t need you, Will Lipovsky, to “check out our sources” for legitimacy. We need brave lawyers willing to stand up and fight for our justice

    • jeanne beechwood

      hello i had a credit of about 65.00 from nomorerack on some dog strollers. the company gave an additional 10.00 ontop of the credit so i wouldn’t get money back, but rather have a shopping credit. since i decided to shop often with them i said fine. the credit then extended through choxi. and now choxi is no more i have ready. i actually have a new credit card and closed the account i purchased things with from nomorerack and choxi a few months ago. am i just out of luck?

      thanks for the information.

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