27 Best LipSense Business Names & Facebook Group Names

lipsticks arranged in a circle on a white table

As a LipSense distributor, you’ll need a business name and/or a name for your Facebook group. You don’t necessarily have to include “lips” or “lipstick” in your name, but you’ll want it to reflect who you are and what you’re selling. A few of our unique suggestions are “#Lips,” “Kiss Fix,” and “[Your Name] + Beauty.” For more ideas, see below.

Picking a LipSense Business Name

Once you decide to become a LipSense distributor, you’ll need to choose a business name. You may also need a name for your Facebook or party group. When picking a name, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you can’t use a name that someone else is already using. Even if the name isn’t trademarked, you still shouldn’t use a name that’s already in use, because potential customers could easily mistake your business for someone else’s. You also can’t use “LipSense” or “SeneGence” — the parent company — in your name. Second, if your business is registered as a limited liability company, you will have to add LLC after your name. You’ll be operating within the SeneGence/LipSense company and brand, so you won’t need to create any other, more complicated type of business.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, you will want to make sure your business name relates to you and what you’re selling. Just because you’re selling lipstick doesn’t mean you have to use the words “lips” or “lipstick” in your name. Some customers won’t care as much about your business name as the product you’re selling, while others may gravitate to a business with a name they find clever or cute. Business names that evoke an image in someone’s mind tend to be the most memorable.

LipSense Business Names/LipSense Group Name Ideas to Choose From

We’ve listed a variety of LipSense business name ideas — some are specific to lips and lipstick, while others are more general-beauty-related. Feel free to use any of these names, adjust them to better suit you, or use them as inspiration to create something unique. Be sure to do a quick Google search of any name you choose to make sure it’s not currently in use.

  • Beauty by [insert your name or nickname]
  • Entourage Lips
  • Eternal/Eternity Lips
  • Forever Lips
  • Hashtag Lips / #Lips
  • High-Class Lips
  • [Insert your location] Lips (e.g., East Coast Lips)
  • [Insert your name] Beauty
  • [Insert your name] Cosmetics
  • [Insert your name] Boutique
  • [Insert your name] Lovely/Elegant/Radiant/Beautiful Lips (e.g., Jane Doe Radiant Lips)
  • [Insert your name] Makeup and Skincare
  • Kiss Fix
  • Lasting Lippies
  • Lifelong Lips
  • Lip Factor
  • Lip Garden/Lipstick Garden
  • Lip Last
  • Lip Locked
  • Lip Picks
  • Lip Silk
  • Lip Syndicate
  • Luxurious Lips
  • Sensible Lips
  • Strictly Lips
  • Vibrant Lips
  • Vivid Lipstick

If you’re considering doing more than just selling LipSense products — perhaps if you also want to branch out and start your own makeup artist business — we also list more than 20 creative names for a makeup artist business.


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