The List of Homeowners Insurance Companies to Consider

Finding the right homeowners insurance for you can be daunting. There are plenty of large and small companies offering homeowners insurance, and it can be difficult to determine which one best suits your needs. To help you in your decision, we have the list of major insurance companies to consider.

The List of Homeowners Insurance Companies to Consider

When you’re looking for homeowners insurance, it’s wise to pick a large insurance company. Large insurance companies are typically able to offer the lowest prices, the most coverage options, and insurance for all types of homes (detached single-unit housing, semi-detached dwellings, attached single-unit housing, attached multi-unit housing, and movable dwellings). To give you a better idea of which companies offer the type of coverage and service you’re looking for, we have ten options detailed below.


  • Homeowners insurance options: Allstate homeowners insurance covers theft, fire and smoke damage, wind and hail damage, falling objects, frozen plumbing, and accidental water damage from plumbing and appliances. Optional coverage is available for water backup, appraised valuables, business property, identity theft, sporting equipment, electronics, musical instruments, and energy-efficient improvements.
  • Coverage limitations: Vary by policy and by state
  • Customer service: Assistance is available by phone, by email, on Twitter, and on the Allstate website using the My Account portal. Customers have given Allstate’s customer service a rating of about two out of five.
  • Discounts: Allstate has a welcome discount for new customers, plus multi-policy, claim-free, and other discounts of up to 30%. There is even a discount for homeowners who are retired or over age 55. See the Home Insurance Discounts page at Allstate for more details.
  • Other insurances offered: Auto, business, condo, life motorcycle, renter, and more
  • Learn more at the Allstate Home Insurance page.

American Family Insurance

  • Homeowners insurance options: A standard insurance policy covers property protection for weather-related and accidental losses, as well as liability. Additional coverage is available for home-based businesses, sewer backups, outbuildings, pet coverage, and identity theft protection. If your home is unlivable due to a covered loss, American Family Insurance will help you cover your temporary housing expenses while repairs are being made.
  • Coverage limitations: Policies do not cover floods, any damage due to property neglect, or any roommates not insured under the homeowners policy.
  • Customer service: Agents are available by phone, by email, and by live chat. Customers have rated American Family’s customer service about two out of five.
  • Discounts: Policy bundles, home security, and renovation discounts are offered, among others. See all of the discounts on the American Family Homeowners Insurance Discounts page.
  • Other insurances offered: Business, condo, farm and ranch, identity theft, life, renter, travel, umbrella, and vehicle
  • Learn more at the American Family Insurance Home Coverages page.

Note: American Family only operates in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Farmers Insurance

  • Homeowners insurance options: Farmers Smart Plan Home Policy has three basic packages — Standard, Enhanced, and Premier. The Premier package has the highest coverage limits, but all three packages are customizable, with optional coverage for things like personal possessions, contents replacement, and identity theft.
  • Coverage limitations: Vary by policy
  • Customer service: Customer support is available online and by phone, and claims are processed 24/7. Customers have given Farmers a higher-than-average rating of about four out of five.
  • Discounts: There is a claims-free discount if you remain claim-free for three or more consecutive years, or if you’re switching to Farmers but had no claims for three or more years on your previous insurance policy. Farmers also offers multi-policy discounts.
  • Other insurances offered: Auto, business, life, pet, recreational, rental, and umbrella
  • Learn more or get a quote at the Farmers Insurance website.

The Hartford

  • Homeowners insurance options: Options are available to cover dwellings, outbuildings, personal property, loss of use, liability, and medical payments (if someone is injured on your property). Full replacement cost and identity fraud expense coverage are some of the additional protections offered.
  • Coverage limitations: Flood damage is not covered.
  • Customer service: Customer service is available by phone, though you can track your claim online. Customers have given The Hartford’s customer service a rating of about one and a half out of five.
  • Discounts: The Hartford offers home and auto insurance bundles, home security credits, and retiree discounts.
  • Other insurances offered: Auto and business
  • Find more information at The Hartford’s homeowners insurance page.

Liberty Mutual

  • Homeowners insurance options: Liberty Mutual’s standard coverage includes dwelling, personal possession, liability, and additional living expense coverage. You can add extra protection for valuables, water backup and sump pump overflow, and inflation.
  • Coverage limitations: Vary by policy
  • Customer service: Customer service is available by phone, by email, or by logging in to your account on the Liberty Mutual website. Customers have given Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance a rating of about three and a half out of five.
  • Discounts: Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of discounts including a military discount, multi-policy discounts, renovation and new home purchase discounts, and a safe homeowner discount. See the full list of discounts at Liberty Mutual’s website.
  • Other insurances offered: Auto, condo, home, life, motorcycle, rental
  • Find more information or get a quote at the Liberty Mutual website.


  • Homeowners insurance options: MetLife policies are customizable but generally cover damage from tornadoes, hail, fire, theft, and vandalism; liability coverage; and identity protection. Additional coverage is available which will pay the full cost to rebuild your home, even if the cost is more than the amount of the original insurance policy.
  • Coverage limitations: Vary by policy
  • Customer service: Claims service is available 24/7, and your claim can be filed by phone or online. Customers have rated MetLife’s customer service about two and a half out of five.
  • Discounts: MetLife partners with some associations and membership groups to offer discounts through employers. Bundled insurance is also available at a discount.
  • Other insurances offered: Accident/health, auto, dental, disability, landlord, life, and vision
  • Learn more at the MetLife website.


  • Homeowners insurance options: Basic insurance includes dwelling, contents, personal liability, and loss of use coverage. Optional coverage is available for identity theft, high-value possessions, water backups, and earthquake damage. With the Brand New Belongings service, you can repair or replace damaged belongings regardless of their age or condition.
  • Coverage limitations: Vary by policy
  • Customer service: Agents are available by phone. You can also file claims online or use the Claims Virtual Assistant for questions about filing claims. Customers have rated Nationwide’s customer service about three and a half out of five.
  • Discounts: Nationwide offers multi-policy, protective device, claims-free, renovation, roof rating, new home purchase, prior insurance, and gated community discounts.
  • Other insurances offered: Accident medical, auto, condo, dental, flood, identity theft, life, rental, pet, small business, travel, and umbrella
  • Find out more or get a quote at the Nationwide homeowners insurance page.

State Farm

  • Homeowners insurance options: State Farm homeowners insurance covers property loss from weather, theft, vandalism, riots, aircraft and vehicles, water from plumbing, and artificial electrical currents.
  • Coverage limitations: Business services offered from the home and intentional harm to another property or person are not covered.
  • Customer service: Customer service agents are available by phone, and claims can also be filed online. Customers have given State Farm’s customer service a rating of two and a half out of five.
  • Discounts: You can get a discount if you combine a homeowners policy with other State Farm insurance, such as car insurance.
  • Other insurances offered: Automotive, disability, identity restoration, health, liability, life, small business, sport/leisure vehicle
  • Learn more at the State Farm home and property insurance site.


  • Homeowners insurance options: Dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, loss of use, and personal liability are covered; additional coverage is available for special personal property, contents replacement, replacement cost protection, jewelry and valuable items, personal articles, water backup, identity fraud, and green home repairs.
  • Coverage limitations: Does not cover home businesses
  • Customer service: Agents are available by phone and email. Customers have given Travelers customer service a low rating of about one and a half out of five.
  • Discounts: Travelers offers several discounts including discounts for new home buyers, customers with multiple policies through Travelers, and homeowners who protect their home with security systems and other safety equipment. See the full details at the Travelers’ home insurance discounts page.
  • Other insurances offered: Boat/yacht, car, condo, event, landlord, rental, and umbrella liability coverage
  • Learn more at the Travelers Home Insurance overview.


  • Homeowners insurance options: USAA homeowners insurance covers fire, theft, vandalism, weather damage, liability, and identity theft. Replacement cost coverage is offered for both the home and your personal belongings with no depreciation.
  • Coverage limitations: Vary by policy
  • Customer service: Customer service agents are available by phone. Claims can also be submitted online or through the USAA mobile app. Customers have given USAA customer service a rating just under three out of five.
  • Discounts: You can bundle home and auto insurance policies for a savings of up to 10%.
  • Other insurances offered: Auto, condo, flood, life, motorcycle/RV/boat, rental property, renter, small business, umbrella, and valuable personal property
  • Find more information or get a quote at the USAA website (paid partner link).

Note: USAA insurance is only available to military service members and their families.

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In Summary

Allstate, American Family Insurance, Farmers, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Nationwide, State Farm, Travelers, and USAA are 10 large insurance companies to consider when shopping for a homeowners insurance policy. These companies offer coverage if your home is damaged or if someone gets injured on your property, and in many cases can also provide coverage for your possessions and pets. To find the right option for you, we recommend getting quotes from several companies to find the amount and type of coverage your home needs at the right price.

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  • Westly Smith says:

    Thanks for the list of insurance companies to consider. I just bought my first home, and am still looking for a good insurance policy. I’m going to try MetLife Homeowners Insurance. I like how they offer non-flooding water backup coverage.

  • Great breakdown of the different types of insurance you can get from the different companies. It’s nice to have it laid out in front of you to be able to make a better decision. Thanks for sharing.