Lowe’s Credit Card Increase Policy & Process

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Short Answer

You can request a credit limit increase for your Lowe’s Advantage Card by calling the number on the back of your card or visiting your local Lowe’s store. If you make a request in-store, you will still need to speak to a credit representative on the phone. Credit limit increase requests won’t hurt your credit.

Lowe’s Credit Card Increase Process

You can request a credit limit increase for your Lowe’s Advantage Card by calling the Lowe’s credit card department at (800) 444-1408 or visiting a Lowe’s store. You will need to provide your annual net income and the specific credit limit that you would like.

The company will cross-check your request with its risk profiles and in-house records of your payment history before approving.

We verified this information by speaking with representatives at the Lowe’s credit card department.

We also contacted Lowe’s stores in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, and Michigan to confirm that store associates can request a limit increase for you. All of the store employees we spoke with said that they could do this; however, you must be present and personally speak with a credit representative on the phone while in the store.

Credit Impact

Asking for a credit limit increase will not hurt your credit, even if Lowe’s denies your request.

A Lowe’s credit associate explained that the company conducts all of its risk analyses in-house and does not report them to any of the national credit bureaus.

Lowe’s Advantage Card Terms & Perks

The Lowe’s Advantage Card generally requires applicants to have a fair credit rating, which translates into a minimum credit score in the mid-600s or higher. It is a high-APR card and charges penalties for late payments.

The card also comes with several perks, including:

  • No annual fee
  • 5% off of eligible purchases
  • Special financing options for bathroom, kitchen, appliance, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning purchases

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