Lowe’s Return After 90 Days: With Receipt? Restrictions Detailed

Lowe's storefront

Short Answer

More than 90 days after purchase, you’ll need a store manager’s approval to make a return at Lowe’s. You’ll also need the receipt. For more information on Lowe’s return policy after 90 days, see below. 

Lowe’s Return Policy After 90 Days

To make a return at Lowe’s more than 90 days after purchase, you’ll need to get a store manager’s approval, a Lowe’s corporate customer service representative said. And you’ll need to bring the receipt. But, if the item is no longer in Lowe’s inventory, you may not be able to make a return. We contacted Lowe’s home improvement stores in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, and Tennessee to confirm this information.

Lowe’s standard return policy allows for returns within 90 days of purchase. You do not necessarily need the receipt as long as your purchase can be looked up by a store associate using your phone number, credit card number, checking account number, or MyLowe’s card. You will also need to present a valid photo ID. Once you pass the 90-day return window, however, a receipt is required.[1][2]

For details on Lowe’s special order return policy, see our article.


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