Lowe’s Shoplifting Policy

Lowe’s uses security cameras and works with local law enforcement to prevent and report shoplifting. As a security measure, Lowe’s does not disclose its full shoplifting policy. For the details of its store policy that we were able to confirm, see below.

Lowe’s Shoplifting Policy

Shoplifting is a criminal act, but it’s generally up to individual businesses to try to prevent shoplifting. Lowe’s, the home improvement store chain, uses video monitoring and works with local law enforcement to resolve incidents of shoplifting, representatives from Lowe’s corporate customer service department said. There are likely other measures in place, but Lowe’s does not make the full details of its shoplifting policy available to the public. That’s because it doesn’t want potential shoplifters to use the information for gain, one customer service representative said. Consequences for shoplifters could also not be disclosed.

We were, however, able to confirm that only certain store employees are authorized to apprehend shoplifters and that the employee must directly witness the incident in order to report it to the authorities. When an incident isn’t directly witnessed and can’t be resolved immediately, security footage is used.

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In Summary

Lowe’s uses security cameras and works with local law enforcement to prevent and resolve shoplifting incidents. Further details of the Lowe’s shoplifting policy are not publicly available.

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