LuLaRoe Giveaway Ideas (Using Past Giveaways as Inspiration)

LuLaRoe is a women’s clothing line in which pieces are sold to independent consultants who then market the clothing directly to customers. Consultants keep an inventory on hand and host pop-up parties either in their own homes or in their customer’s homes, or sell online through websites and Facebook groups. Each piece of clothing is made in limited quantities, making some of the more popular items, such as the famous unicorn leggings, immensely popular and hard to find. LuLaRoe, which was established in 2014, has gained phenomenal success in recent years.

While LuLaRoe does not make the number of consultants public, it is estimated that there are almost 40,000 LuLaRoe consultants in the United States, and more are joining every day. One popular way for consultants to stand out is by hosting giveaways. Therefore the focus of this article is to provide you with great LuLaRoe giveaway ideas.

What Products Can Be Featured in Giveaways?

Many LuLaRoe consultants have found that a fantastic way to attract new customers and reward loyal ones is through giveaways on social media, most commonly Facebook (although nearly all these ideas for giveaways can be adapted to your social media platform of choice). Most giveaways on social media include playing a game in which the participant must post a response to be entered (more about that in the next section).

So what kinds of items are given away in these events?

Legging are some of the most common giveaway items. Leggings are LuLaRoe’s most popular item.  You can give away one pair, or a whole year’s worth of free leggings to the winner of a contest. The leggings could then be given out one pair at a time over twelve months.

Consultants can also offer LuLaRoe “cash” as part of their giveaways. Cash giveaways, known as LuLaCash, LuLa Bucks, or LuLa Moolah, are another popular reward that you can give out using discount codes for clothing purchases from your LuLaRoe store.

Accessory giveaways are another great option. Besides clothing, LuLaRoe also carries accessories and supplies such as water bottles, lip balm, bags, hats, and holiday-themed items such as ornaments. These accessories can be used in giveaways by creating a cute kit or set that includes multiple items, like a lip balm, a water bottle, and a zipper bag.

Specialty giveaways can build hype for rare and sought-after prints. Giveaways that offer multiple chances to win, that offer highly sought-after prints or items, or more expensive items are the most popular. For these contests, the item that is given away is usually directly tied to the game that is played through social media.

Ideas for Hosting a LuLaRoe Giveaway

Giveaways usually occur through games or contests on Facebook. The potential for these games is endless; there are tons of fun and creative ideas to be found on Pinterest. Some ideas include having the participants:

  • Comment with their house number as their monthly LuLaRoe budget
  • Post a picture of their favorite coffee mug
  • Post their hometown
  • Complete fill-in-the-blank statements using auto-suggests from their phone
  • Post ideas for their dream vacation
  • Google their name plus “glamour shot” and post the first picture they find
  • Post a picture of the messiest spot in their house
  • Add friends to the LuLaRoe group
  • Post a picture of what they are wearing
  • Describe their dream pair of leggings
  • Post a photo of their celebrity crush

Winners can be chosen randomly with a tool like the Good Luck Fairy or an old-fashioned random number generator (to do this, count up the comments and set the total number as your upper limit; whichever number the generator provides is the winner). The contest will last a specific length of time, often 24 hours, and no purchase is necessary to play.

You can also give a free bonus gift to the first person who places an order on your new inventory, host a mini-giveaway every day for a week, or do recurring giveaways (think Win-It Wednesday, Free Fridays, etc.). With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

Guidelines for Giveaways

State and federal agencies have specific rules that govern promotions. Here’s the overview of these guidelines:

Participants must be able to enter giveaways without making a purchase. If a participant is entered to win by purchasing an item, then an alternative way to enter without making a purchase must be offered. (Buy one, get one offers are allowed because everyone gets the “prize.”) Winners cannot be asked to pay for shipping; those charges must be covered by the consultant.

Giveaways must also follow guidelines set up by LuLaRoe (which are not published by the company directly). Be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Consultants should include a statement that no purchase is necessary as well as define what the participant must do to enter the contest.
  • The time frame of the contest and the prize offered should be clearly listed.
  • Consultants need to state the number of times a participant can enter, and when and how the winner will be notified.

Facebook has specific rules related to promotions. Make sure to check the Facebook guidelines often, because these rules are subject to change. According to the latest revision in December 2016, the consultant running the giveaway, and not Facebook, is solely responsible for the promotion. This includes the responsibility to comply with the official rules and entry requirements. Promotions must be run on pages or through third party apps, and not on personal timelines. In other words, consultants cannot ask their friends to share the promotion on their timeline as a way to enter.

Costs, Benefits, and Important Things to Consider When Running a LuLaRoe Giveaway

The most obvious cost of the LuLaRoe giveaways is the cost of the merchandise itself that is given away. The typical profit on a pair of leggings is $15, so when a consultant does a LuLaRoe leggings giveaway, she is giving away $15 in the hope that the winner will come back and purchase additional merchandise. Costs in the form of lost revenue might be higher or lower depending on the type and number of items being given away. Intangible costs include the time it takes to set up and run the contest, answer participants’ questions, select the winner, and, if necessary, ship the merchandise.

One of the biggest benefits of LuLaRoe giveaways is that these are a great marketing tool. The customers who win the giveaway will likely tell their friends and come back to purchase more. Another benefit to the giveaways is the chance to build relationships with customers. You can set up the contest to require each participant to invite friends to your LuLaRoe page, which provides an avenue to market to new people.

When considering the type of LuLaRoe giveaway to have, consultants should think about the purpose of the giveaway. Is it to gain more customers? Reward loyal ones? This will help you tailor the way you run the giveaway. The promotion could run in more than one place to reach a wider audience. For example, a consultant could use both Periscope (or Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and Facebook.

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In Summary

LuLaRoe giveaways are beneficial for both consultants and customers. Consultants have the opportunity to build relationships and engage with new and returning customers. Customers have the chance to win LuLaRoe’s trademark fun and colorful clothing.. These giveaways can be a hugely successful marketing tool for LuLaRoe consultants.

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      Hi Heather,

      If you can’t contact your consultant, contact LuLaRoe customer service at 951-737-7875.