The Best Makeup Kits for Tweens (All on Amazon)

Is your little girl showing interest in makeup and has asked for a makeup kit? Or maybe you have an event like a wedding coming up and think it’d be cute if she’d give makeup a go. Whatever the reason may be, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed some kits that are great as starter kits. Most of them even offer enough variety to allow both mother and daughter to share the same kit. This is helpful so if she gets tired of the kit, it won’t have to go to waste. Here’s the selection:

SHANY All-in-One Harmony Makeup Kit

Shany is a reputable brand when it comes to choosing makeup kits for tweens. This kit includes a wide variety of makeup items including 168 shades of eye shadow, six lip glosses,10 brushes, a mirror, and three blushes. The best thing about the set is that the shades are chosen to have something for every complexion. This set offers maximum variety among all makeup kits for tweens and is perfect for any beginner.

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SHANY Carry All Makeup Train Case

Here’s another starter makeup kit for tweens with a collection of natural colors. The case is made up of aluminum and is quite durable. Leopard skin motif is printed on it. This is a suitable kit for tween girls, who have just begun learning the art of makeup. The complete kit contains eye shadows, face powders, blushes, brushes, lipsticks, lip glosses, eye liner, lip liner, and nail polish remover. Available shades are enough to go with any dress color and any skin tone. The set has been extremely well received by shoppers.

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SHANY Carry All Trunk Professional Makeup Kit

This is again a good makeup kit for makeup novices; though, many users complain about the weak carrying case and the insufficient quantity of the makeup items. Nevertheless, quality is beyond question and uniquely, the kit includes manicure and pedicure tools also. In the case, you will find four shades of eye shadows, two lip liners, two lip glosses, two lipsticks, four nail polish removers, two blushes, and many brushes. The kit has something for every skin tone but not for every skin type.

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BR Carry All Train Case Makeup Set

This is another affordable set to let your daughter learn the makeup tricks. The very attractive Zebra printed box includes eye shadows, blush, mirror, nail polish, eye liner, and lip liner. The makeup set is also easy to carry, even to school. All the items are of superb quality, keeping in mind the acne-prone skin of tweens and teenagers. It is among the makeup kits for tweens that are loved by mamas and grandmas, too.

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ETA 34 Runway Colors Complete Makeover Kit

This is also great as a basic kit. Color and item variations are not enough to support a lady’s makeup requirements but are a good choice for tweens and teens. It includes 30 shades of eye shadow, six shades of foundation, and four lip glosses. Quality of the makeup items are good enough to present the no-make-up look. Individual products are developed to suit allergic and sensitive skins. The eye shadows are glittery instead of matte, since the manufacturer targets young girls mainly.

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Cameo Carry All Beauty Case

This set can be an ideal gift to a tween or preteen girl. The set contains 90 pieces of makeup items including the regular ones like eye shadows, face powders, lip glosses, nail polishes, brushes, etc. Additionally, the set also has lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeliners, which many girls and women consider as musts in their makeup set. More over, the set is suitable for any girl, regardless of skin tone.

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Cosmetics Makeup Kit Play Set Heart Shaped Petite Girls

This is a compact starter makeup kit for tweens. Even younger little girls can use it for play makeup. The makeup items are completely safe to a little girl’s skin and can be removed easily by water. When closed, the makeup case takes the shape of a heart. Alternatively, a tween girl can choose from other shapes of the case available, like hexagon, flower, double heart, etc. Besides eye shadows, the makeup set also includes brushes, nail polishes, and lipsticks.

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And those are the best makeup kits for tweens. As your little girl learns the basics of doing makeup, don’t forget to explain the importance of removing makeup properly, otherwise her joyful makeup sessions could result in painful skin problems.

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