McMaster-Carr Shipping: Costs, Shipping Process Explained

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Short Answer

McMaster-Carr does not show shipping charges during the online checkout process because it calculates shipping costs based on the package dimensions and the total weight of your order. After your order has shipped, you’ll receive a final receipt that includes the cost of your items, taxes, and shipping. For more details, including how to receive an estimated total before placing an order, see below.

McMaster-Carr Shipping Costs Explained

McMaster-Carr doesn’t charge a flat shipping rate for orders. Instead, shipping charges are calculated using the weight and package dimensions of your order, a corporate customer service representative said. Because the company won’t know the exact shipping cost until the items are packaged and your order is ready to ship, the initial checkout amount and order confirmation won’t include shipping.

After shipping, McMaster-Carr will email you a final receipt that includes the cost of your items, taxes, and shipping. This amount will be charged to your credit card. You can also view your order’s shipping cost when you log in to your account and select the order number. As long as your order has already shipped, you’ll see a breakdown of the total cost of your order, including shipping and taxes.

Shipping costs are typically available the next business day after placing an order, a representative said. McMaster-Carr has no minimum purchase requirement, so shipping costs can vary significantly. Small orders will, of course, be less expensive to ship than large orders.

If you’re planning to order from McMaster-Carr and would like a shipping estimate before placing your order, store associates said you can call or email one of McMaster-Carr’s five locations. You can also roughly estimate your shipping costs through the carrier. McMaster-Carr usually ships through UPS, which has an online shipping calculator.

Note that depending on your location, the shipping speed you request, and whether your order is particularly large or heavy, McMaster-Carr may ship through a different carrier than UPS. While placing your order, you will select a delivery method (ground, air, courier, or warehouse pick-up) and can request a particular carrier, but McMaster-Carr may also override your request due to the delivery speed or size of the package.

In Summary

McMaster-Carr calculates shipping costs based on your order’s weight and package dimensions. After your order ships, you’ll receive a final receipt that includes the cost of your items, taxes, and shipping. To estimate shipping costs before you order, contact one of McMaster-Carr’s five locations or use the carrier’s online shipping calculator.


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