Does Meijer Cash Checks? Money Services Explained

Image of a Meijer sign in parking lot of a Meijer store with a blue sky in the background.

Meijer grocery stores do not cash checks. However, we found that about 60% of the Meijer locations we contacted have bank branches inside the store that may be able to cash a check for you. Banks inside Meijer are operated by Huntington Bank, U.S. Bank, and other local banks and credit unions. For more details on the Meijer check cashing policy, see below.

Does Meijer Cash Checks?

Meijer does not cash checks, customer service representatives said. We contacted Meijer locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin to find out about Meijer’s check cashing policy. All of the Meijer representatives we spoke to said the grocery store chain does not cash checks.

While Meijer does not cash checks, some Meijer locations (about 60% of those we contacted) have bank branches inside the store — located near the front entrance. Branches inside Meijer stores are operated by the banks themselves, so check cashing policies will vary by bank.

We identified several Meijer stores in Michigan that have Huntington Bank branches inside the store. We also found Meijer stores in Illinois, Kentucky, and Wisconsin with U.S. Bank branches located inside. A Huntington Bank representative told us that non-accountholders can cash checks for a $10 fee as long as you have a valid photo ID; for details on U.S. Bank’s check cashing policy, see our article.

Other local banks and credit unions also operate inside some Meijer stores, a Meijer customer service representative said. To find out if your local Meijer has a bank inside — and which bank or credit union operates the branch — use the Meijer store locator. (The location’s store page will list the bank under Store Services.)

Other grocery stores that cash checks include Kroger and Walmart. For the complete list of grocery stores that cash checks, see our article. We also have the list of banks that will cash checks for non-accountholders.


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