Does Meijer Do Money Orders or Have Western Union? Answered

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Short Answer — Meijer sells Western Union money orders up to $500 for a fee of $0.63. The retailer doesn’t cash money orders but offers several additional Western Union services like money transfers.

Does Meijer Do Money Orders?

Meijer sells money orders by Western Union but doesn’t cash them, even those originally purchased at Meijer. (See our related research for a list of places where you can cash a money order.)

We contacted Meijer’s customer service department and several store locations for more details on its money order policy.


Meijer charges a fee of $0.63 for money orders.[1][2]

Note that if you buy multiple money orders, you’ll need to pay a fee for each one.


Single money orders at Meijer have an amount limit of $500. There’s also a daily cap of $3,000 per customer — meaning you can buy up to six money orders per day.[1][2]


You can buy your money order using cash or a debit card. However, keep in mind that you can’t use credit cards to purchase money orders at Meijer.[1]

Lost/Stolen Money Orders

If your money order is lost or stolen and you have the receipt, it’ll cost $15 to process a refund. The fee will be about $30 without a receipt.[1]

You can request a refund from Western Union directly. See our previous research for step-by-step instructions on how to refund a money order.

Does Meijer Have Other Western Union Services?

Meijer offers the following additional Western Union services:[1][2]

  • Money transfers
  • Cash pick-up for money transfer recipients
  • Bill payments
  • Western Union prepaid card reloads
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