Metro by T-Mobile (Formerly MetroPCS) Financing Options Listed

Magnifying glass showing the Metro by T-Mobile logo on the company's website
Metro by T-Mobile offers finance options for new phones at some locations. Financing is offered through third parties, so requirements may vary by location.[1] For more details about Metro by T-Mobile’s financing, payment options, and how you can save money on your next purchase, see below.

Metro by T-Mobile Financing Policy

Metro by T-Mobile, a prepaid wireless service, offers finance options for new phones at some store locations. Financing is performed through third parties, which vary by location, so application requirements and credit checks will be up to your local provider.[1] However, all customers applying for financing are required to create an account with Metro by T-Mobile and to provide a debit or credit card as a way to make payments.[2]

Monthly Payment Options

If you’re approved, there are several ways to make finance payments to Metro by T-Mobile. Most are free of charge — using AutoPay even saves you money every month — but a couple entail a $5 fee.

Available options include:

  • The MyMetro app: Sign into your account once you’ve downloaded the app, tap “Pay Now”, and your fee-free payment will process within two hours.
  • AutoPay: Enable automatic payments to be deducted through your debit card, credit card, or checking account each month. This saves you $5 a month; there’s no fee for using this method and payments process within two hours.
  • Express Pay: Make a one-time payment online with no extra fees. Payments are processed immediately.
  • Pay by phone: Call (888) 863-8768 to make payments by phone. There is a $5 fee and payments are processed immediately.
  • Pay in-store: This option charges a $5 fee and payments are processed within two days.[3]

How to Save Money When Financing

If you want to save money when financing, you can trade in an eligible device and receive a credit toward your purchase. This is available to all new and existing Metro by T-Mobile customers looking to activate a new device, add a new line, or upgrade with a device purchase. You can trade in one device for each new Metro by T-Mobile device you’re purchasing. However, trade-ins must be free from all installment or financing plans.[4]

For more on cell phone financing, see our article: Places That Offer No Credit Check Cell Phone Financing (Kmart, etc.). Also see our related research for information on paying your monthly Metro by T-Mobile bill after you get your new device.

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