The Home Depot’s Custom Mirror Cutting Policy Explained

The Home Depot storefront

Does Home Depot cut mirrors? The Home Depot has a reputation for helping professional contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners accomplish all sorts of tasks — but store locations are not equipped to help you cut mirrors or glass. It does, however, sell equipment so you can cut glass at home.

Does Home Depot Cut Mirrors?

The Home Depot doesn’t list mirror- or glass-cutting services on its website, so we called multiple locations across Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina and asked if the stores could custom cut mirrors on-site. None of the store locations had glass-cutting equipment available. In fact, a Home Depot associate said, “I don’t think any of the locations cut glass; they just carry the stuff you cut it with, and you have to do it yourself.”

To have a mirror cut on-site, try a local hardware store, glass-cutting shop, or Lowe’s.

The good news at least is that a glass cutter tool is cheap.

What In-Store Services Does The Home Depot Offer?

Though The Home Depot doesn’t cut mirrors or glass, the home improvement chain offers several other in-store services. Most store locations will cut wood, plywood, wire, and PVC. Some will even cut and thread pipe for you. Keep in mind, you will likely need to purchase these materials from the store prior to having them cut. Additional, in-store services include workshops for children and adults, design services, measurement services, and paint matching. In-store services vary by location, so contact your nearest Home Depot prior to visiting.

In Summary

If you need a custom cut mirror, Home Depot isn’t the place. The Home Depot does not cut mirrors or glass, but it does offer other in-store services like wood cutting and paint matching. For more on The Home Depot store policies, see our articles: Does Home Depot Have Layaway? and Does Home Depot Take Checks?


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