31 Mobile Check Cashing Apps for Prepaid Card Loading & Bank Deposits

Most banks offer a mobile check cashing app for account holders. If you don’t have a bank account, there are several mobile check cashing apps that can transfer a deposit into a PayPal account or load it onto a prepaid card. Below, we detail and compare over 30 mobile check cashing apps.

What We Recommend

If you have a bank account, your bank will most likely offer a mobile check cashing app that is free to download to an Android or iOS device and offers free mobile check cashing.

Without a bank account, you’ll want to consider the check cashing app’s deposit options, processing time, and fees. Ingo Money has the most deposit options; you can even purchase an Amazon gift card with your deposit. It also offers free deposits for those willing to wait about ten days to access their funds, with an expedited option available for a fee. For PayPal account holders, the PayPal check cashing app is also free for 10-day processing.

Comparison Table

The table below details the fees and requirements of each of the check cashing apps on our list. Note that you can use the arrow buttons at the top of each column to sort the table. For more information about each app, click on the company name or scroll to the list below.

Company Fees Processing Time Platforms Bank Account Required?
Ingo Money Up to 5% or $5 or more Immediate for a fee or free 10-day Android or iOS No
PayPal Free or up to 5% Immediate for a fee or free 10-day Android or iOS No
Netspend Greater of up to 5% or $5 Up to 10 days Android or iOS No
Chime Free About three business days Android or iOS Yes
Boost Mobile Wallet Up to 5% Immediate with fee or free 10-day Android or iOS No
AnytimeCheck $20 for 10 checks; $100 for 75 checks Up to five days Android Yes
U.S. Bank Free Up to two business days Android or iOS Yes
GTE Financial Deposit2Go Free Up to two business days Android or iOS Yes
Alliant Mobile Deposit Free Up to two business days Android or iOS Yes
Ally Bank Free Up to five business days Android or iOS Yes
Capital One Free Up to three business days Android or iOS Yes
Simple Free Up to nine business days Android or iOS Yes
Wells Fargo Free Day following deposit Android or iOS Yes
Chase Free Day following deposit Android or iOS Yes
Discover Free Up to five days Android or iOS Yes
PNC Free or PNC Express for 2% fee Day following deposit Android or iOS Yes
Fifth Third Bank Free Up to five days Android or iOS Yes
Charles Schwab Free By next business day Android or iOS Yes
Bank of America Free By next business day Android or iOS Yes
Guaranty Bank Free By next business day Android or iOS Yes
Huntington Bank Free About two business days Android or iOS Yes
Current Free Up to five business days Android or iOS Yes
GoBank Free Up to five business days Android or iOS Yes
Citibank Free Up to five business days Android or iOS Yes
TD Bank Free Up to five days Android or iOS Yes
SunTrust Free Partially available the following business day Android or iOS Yes
Navy Federal Credit Union Free Up to $200 immediately; remainder by second business day Android or iOS Yes
Union Bank & Trust Free Up to two business days Android or iOS Yes
Citizens Bank Free Up to three business days Android or iOS Yes
USAA Free Up to five business days Android or iOS Yes

For information about how to make a mobile deposit, see our research on cashing a check online.

The List

Mobile check cashing apps vary in fees, processing time, and requirements. All mobile bank apps require users to be at least the age of majority in their state (ranging from age 18 to 21) unless they offer teen accounts linked to a parent or guardian account.

We compiled this information by viewing each company’s mobile app policies online and contacting their customer service departments for further details.

Non-Bank Apps

Note: Our list of non-bank apps appears in order based on which apps have the lowest fees and are available to the most users.

Ingo Money (includes ACE Mobile Loads and Brink’s Mobile)

  • Fees: Up to 5% or $5 or more (depending upon the check amount and type); waived if you choose 10-day processing[1]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government, money orders[1]
  • Limit: Minimum of $5 and maximum of $5,000[1]
  • Processing Time: Immediate processing for a fee; free 10-day processing[1]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[1]
  • Requirements: Bank account, PayPal, prepaid card, or purchase of an Amazon gift card[1]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Free or up to 5% depending on check type and amount[2]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, business, government, insurance, attorney, etc.[2]
  • Limit: Minimum of $5 and maximum of $5,000[2]
  • Processing time: Free 10-day processing; Immediate processing for a fee[2]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[2]
  • Requirements: PayPal Cash Plus account[2]
  • Download the app

Boost Mobile Wallet

  • Fees: Up to 5% of the check face value ($5 minimum) or no fee (see below)[3]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[3]
  • Limit: Varies by account[3]
  • Processing time: Immediate with a fee; up to 10 days with no fee[3]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[3]
  • Requirements: Boost Mobile Wallet Prepaid Mastercard account[3]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Up to 5% of the total check amount or $5 (whichever is greater)[4]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[4]
  • Limit: Varies based on your Netspend plan[4]
  • Processing time: Up to ten days[4]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[4]
  • Requirements: Netspend Prepaid card[4]
  • Download the app


Note: Our related research lists apps, like AnytimeCheck, that don’t use Ingo Money.

  • Fees: $20 for 10 checks; $100 for 75 checks (sent or received)[5]
  • Check types: Business[5]
  • Limit: Varies by plan; note that plans are based on the number of checks, not the check amount[5]
  • Processing time: Up to five days[5]
  • Platforms: Android[5]
  • Requirements: U.S. bank account[5]
  • Download the app

Bank Apps

We’ve ordered the list of bank apps alphabetically, so if you already have an account, you can easily find information about your bank.

Note: Your mobile check cashing limit with a bank app will typically vary depending on your account type and history.

Alliant Mobile Deposit

  • Fees: Free for transactions; $5 one-time membership fee[6]
  • Check types: Any check in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank that is payable to you[6]
  • Processing time: Immediate if not held for review; held deposits process in about two business days[6]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[6]
  • Requirements: Alliant Credit Union account[6]
  • Download the app

Ally Bank

  • Fees: Free[7]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[7]
  • Processing time: You can receive up to $200 the day following the deposit; the remainder will be available when the check clears in up to five business days[7]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[7]
  • Requirements: Ally Bank account[7]
  • Download the app

Bank of America

  • Fees: Free[8]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government, cashier’s[8]
  • Processing time: Deposits made by 5 p.m. ET usually available by the next business day[8]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[8]
  • Requirements: Bank of America bank account[8]
  • Download the app

Capital One

  • Fees: Free[9]
  • Check types: Any U.S.-issued check made payable to you or a joint account holder, except for checks that are postdated, not dated, over six months old, payable to cash, money orders, or traveler’s checks[9]
  • Processing time: Immediate if prior to 9 p.m. ET on a business day; otherwise up to three days[9]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[9]
  • Requirements: Capital One bank account[9]
  • Download the app

Charles Schwab

  • Fees: Free[10]
  • Check types: Checks issued by U.S. banks in U.S. dollars, except those made payable to someone other than you, postdated checks, and traveler’s checks[10]
  • Processing time: Deposits on a business day before 4 p.m. your local time will process the same day; otherwise, your deposit will process on the next business day.[10]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[10]
  • Requirements: Schwab bank, brokerage, or IRA accounts[10]
  • Download the app


Note: See our research on Chase’s check cashing policy.

  • Fees: Free[11]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[11]
  • Processing time: Deposits before 11 p.m. ET are usually available the following day[11]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[11]
  • Requirements: Chase bank account[11]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Free[12]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[12]
  • Processing time: About three business days[12]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[12]
  • Requirements: Must be enrolled in Chime Spending Account direct deposit[12]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Free[13]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[13]
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[13]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[13]
  • Requirements: Citibank personal checking account[13]
  • Download the app

Citizens Bank

  • Fees: Free[14]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[14]
  • Processing time: Up to three business days[14]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[14]
  • Requirements: Citizen’s Bank account[14]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Free[15]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government; excludes money orders, cashier’s checks, foreign checks, and third-party checks[15]
  • Processing time: Within five business days[15]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[15]
  • Requirements: Current bank account; the check must be written to you[15]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Free[16]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[16]
  • Processing time: Checks received before 6:30 p.m. ET should be posted that day, but it may take up to five days for your deposited funds to be available.[16]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[16]
  • Requirements: Discover bank account[16]
  • Download the app

Fifth Third Bank

  • Fees: Free[17]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, or government checks drawn on U.S. banks and money orders[17]
  • Processing time: $100 or more available immediately, depending upon account type; total processing time is up to five days[17]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[17]
  • Requirements: Fifth Third account[17]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Free[18]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, insurance, government, cashier’s, rebates, stock dividends, and money orders[18]
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[18]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[18]
  • Requirements: GoBank account with recurring payroll direct deposit for at least two months[18]
  • Download the app

GTE Financial Deposit2Go

  • Fees: Free[19]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[19]
  • Processing time: Up to two business days[19]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[19]
  • Requirements: GTE bank account[19]
  • Download the app

Guaranty Bank

  • Fees: Free[20]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, and government checks that are unaltered and written to you[20]
  • Processing time: Business day deposits made by 5 p.m. your local time will be available on the next business day.[20]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[20]
  • Requirements: Guaranty Bank account[20]
  • Download the app

Huntington Bank

  • Fees: Free[21]
  • Check types: Any check payable to you that is in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank; excludes money orders, savings bonds, and traveler’s checks[21]
  • Processing time: About two business days[21]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[21]
  • Requirements: Huntington Bank account[21]
  • Download the app
  • Fees: Free[22]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, and government checks drawn on U.S. bank accounts[22]
  • Processing time: Up to $200 available immediately; the remainder available on the second business day after approval[22]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[22]
  • Requirements: Navy Federal members for over 30 days with accounts in good standing; must be over age 14[22]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Free or 2% of check amount (or $2 for checks $25 to $100)[23]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[23]
  • Processing time: Immediate processing for a fee through PNC Express Funds; next-day processing for free if the deposit is received before 10 p.m. ET[23]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[23]
  • Requirements: PNC bank account[23]
  • Download the app


  • Fees: Free[24]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government, and money orders in U.S. dollars[24]
  • Processing time: During your first 30 days, all checks will be held nine business days (available on the tenth day); after 30 days, most deposits will be available the next business day if deposited before 5 p.m. ET[24]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[24]
  • Requirements: Simple bank account[24]
  • Download the app

SunTrust (now Truist)

  • Fees: Free[25]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[25]
  • Processing time: Deposits made before 9 p.m. will be partially available the following business day[25]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[25]
  • Requirements: SunTrust account[25]
  • Download the app

TD Bank

  • Fees: Free[26]
  • Check types: Checks drawn on U.S. banks that are payable to you or a joint account holder[26]
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[26]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[26]
  • Requirements: TD Bank account[26]
  • Download the app

Union Bank & Trust

  • Fees: Free[27]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[27]
  • Processing time: Up to two business days[27]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[27]
  • Requirements: Union Bank & Trust bank account[27]
  • Download the app


Note: See our related research for details on depositing large checks at USAA.

  • Fees: Free[28]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, money orders, cashier’s, government[28]
  • Processing time: Up to five business days[28]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[28]
  • Requirements: USAA bank account in good standing[28]
  • Download the app

U.S. Bank

  • Fees: Free[29]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[29]
  • Processing time: Full deposit availability the following business day[29]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[29]
  • Requirements: U.S. Bank account[29]
  • Download the app

Wells Fargo

  • Fees: Free[30]
  • Check types: Personal, payroll, government[30]
  • Processing time: Funds are typically available the day following the deposit[30]
  • Platforms: Android and iOS[30]
  • Requirements: Wells Fargo bank account[30]
  • Download the app
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