17 Third Year Anniversary Gifts for Him (Modern: Crystal or Glass)

After three years of matrimony, couples tend to be in a good rhythm. By then, it has been two years since the tumultuous first year and life has become comfortable and steady. Traditionally, the third anniversary has been known as the leather anniversary, but more modern interpretations have dubbed it the crystal or glass anniversary. Shake things up by forgoing the leather tradition and gifting your spouse something with a bit more sparkle this occasion.

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1-3. Alcohol Glasses

Cheers to three years! Break out the bubbly and celebrate with some engraved champagne glasses. These flutes can even be personalized! If champagne isn’t your spouse’s cup (or glass) of tea, there are numerous other options, including a retro PacMan pint glass or a jaunty mason jar.

Personalized Gold Rim Champagne Flutes (Set of 2)

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Pacman Cold Change Pint Glass

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Mr. and Mrs. Old Fashioned Drinking Jar Set, ClearView this Drinking Jar Set on Amazon

4. Decanter

Maybe your husband drinks something a little stronger than champagne or beer. Showcase his favorite whiskey or bourbon in a gorgeous crystal or glass decanter. For the man who likes tradition, pick a classic and sophisticated decanter.

Crystal Decanter

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5-7. Shot Glass Games

Keep the good times rolling with a shot glass game. What is your husband into? Does he watch every NBA game religiously? The basketball shot glass game was made for him. Does he have a good eye and an even better aim? Buy him shot glass darts. Maybe your husband is more interested in intellectual pursuits — have him try his hand at the alcoholic version of chess.

Crystal Clear Shot Glass Basketball Bar Game Set

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Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts Bar Game Set

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Checkers Shot Glass Bar Game Set

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8. Coffee Maker

What’s the first thing your husband does every morning? If it’s a slow shuffle to the coffee maker for a caffeine fix, go for a coffee maker. This hand-blown glass coffee maker from Chemex promises a pure cup of coffee every time. Plus, just think how great this sleek and elegant brewer will look on your kitchen counter.

Handblown Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker

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9. Message in a Bottle

Channel your inner romantic and try not to sing the words to the classic 80’s song when you give your spouse their own personal message in a bottle. This kit has everything you need, including a gift box and rose petals. Ability to write poetry sold separately.

Message in a Bottle Gift

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10. Ring Holder

Whether your husband has a job that uses his hands or he tends to leave the dirty work for after-hours in the garage or yard, there are times he needs to take that wedding band off. He’ll be sure to keep it safe in a glass ring dish.

Crystal Ring Holder

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11. Crystal Cufflinks

Typically, the name Swarovski brings to mind beautiful crystal necklaces, but these versatile crystals aren’t just for jewelry. Crystal cufflinks will add just the right amount of spark to any husband’s dress shirt (and to any night out that he wears it to)!

Cubic Zirconia Crystal Cufflinks Silver Tone

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12. Watch with Crystal Accents

We may now all check the time on our cell phones, but nothing beats the classic look of a man wearing a lavish watch. If cufflinks are the man’s equivalent to earrings, then a great watch is the man’s answer to a diamond necklace. A watch with crystal accents makes for a perfect third anniversary gift. Upgrade your husband’s wrist with one of these options.

Bulova Men's Swarovski Crystal Quartz Watch with Two-Tone-Stainless-Steel Strap

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13. Sunglasses

With a looser interpretation of “glass,” a pair of sunglasses would fit the bill. Since sunglasses are so easy to lose, he has probably had to say goodbye to his fair share of shades. Find him a pair he’ll be sure to never lose.

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Large Metal Non-Mirrored Non-Polarized Sunglasses

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14. Photo Coasters

Your wedding photographer probably sent you more photos of your wedding day than you know what to do with. Photos are meant to be seen, so pick your husband’s favorites to place in these glass coasters.

4" Frame Photo Glass Coaster, Set of 4

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15. Ornament

When December rolls around and you both dig out the ornaments, is your husband’s portion of the collection smaller than yours? If so, this glass-blown hammer ornament would be perfect to show your appreciation for your handyman husband.

Old World Christmas Ornament of a Hammer

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16. Business Card Holder

An important man needs a business card, and, therefore, an important man also needs a business card holder. A crystal one exudes class and projects a powerful image.

Waterford Lismore Essence Desk Collection Business Card Holder

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17. Paperweight

Your husband probably spends 40+ hours a week chained to a desk. A glass paperweight could be a perfect conversation starter. Try a cool glass one with a map of the solar system — just remind him to not space out too much.

Planetarium Paperweight

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In Summary

Making it through three years of successfully navigating the waters of marriage is worthy of a celebration. Show your husband the love with crystal- or glass-themed gifts. Remember the main qualities of this material as your marriage progresses; crystal and glass are transparent. Try to emulate this quality in your marriage, starting with a thoughtful gift to your husband on your third wedding anniversary.

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