MoneyPass ATM Withdrawal Limit Explained in Plain Language

Close-up of hand entering PIN on an ATM

Short Answer

MoneyPass, a surcharge-free network of ATMs, does not set the ATM withdrawal limit; this limit is set by your bank or card-issuing institution. For more details, including ATM withdrawal limits by bank, see below.

MoneyPass ATM Withdrawal Limit

MoneyPass is a service offered through U.S. Bank’s Elan Financial Services that banks can choose to offer customers so they can withdraw money from a participating ATM without a surcharge, or fee to use the ATM. MoneyPass does not set ATM withdrawal limits. Instead, your bank or the financial institution that issued the card sets the withdrawal limit.

MoneyPass cannot tell you what your bank’s ATM withdrawal limit is either because it does not have access to your account information. We confirmed this information with an Elan representative. The ATM withdrawal policy is also on the MoneyPass website.

Not every bank and financial institution participates in MoneyPass’ ATM network, but we’ve listed five that do, plus their ATM withdrawal limits and a link to locate the bank’s ATMs. Keep in mind, bank rules and fees can vary by account type. For the list of ATMs that participate in MoneyPass, see MoneyPass’ website.


Community Bank

Howard Bank

PNC Bank

Republic Bank

U.S Bank

In Summary

MoneyPass is a surcharge-free network of ATMs that banks and financial institutions can join and offer as a benefit to their customers. MoneyPass does not set ATM withdrawal limits; your bank or card-issuing institution sets this limit.

For information on ATMs and check cashing kiosks, see our related article.


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