Moneytree Check Cashing Fees by Check Type

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Short Answer

Moneytree’s check cashing fees typically range from around 2% to 6% of the total check amount, or you may pay a flat fee of about $1 to $2. Although fees for specific kinds of checks may vary by location, they generally fall within or close to these ranges.

Moneytree Check Cashing Fees

Moneytree’s check cashing fees vary depending on the location you visit and the type of check. The company cashes a variety of check types, including personal, payroll, and government checks.

Moneytree has locations in California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington. We reached out to multiple Moneytree locations in each state for information about their fees.

While the Moneytree website states that fees vary by location, representatives we spoke with at various branches confirmed that the check cashing fees typically remain within a narrow range of percentages or flat rates:

  • Personal checks: About 5% to 6% of the check amount
  • Payroll checks: About 2% to 3% of the check amount
  • Money orders: About 5% to 6% for money orders not purchased from Moneytree; 1% for Moneytree money orders
  • Government checks: About 2% of the check amount

Note that for any check with a value of $20 or more, branches may charge a flat fee of around $1 to $2 based on the check amount. Branches in Nevada charge a $0.99 fee for checks over $20, while Washington locations charge a $1.99 fee.

For more check cashing options, see our research on where to find free check cashing.

How to Cash a Check At Moneytree

To cash a check at Moneytree, find a location near you. Keep in mind that your check must be unsigned; you’ll endorse it at the counter.

Payroll checks must have a preprinted company name and associated contact information on them. (If your check isn’t preprinted, see our list of options for cashing handwritten checks.)

Additionally, the person to whom the check was written must be present and provide a government-issued ID.

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