Netspend Withdrawal at Walmart FAQs (Fees, Limits, etc)

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Short Answer

Walmart allows Netspend withdrawals at its MoneyCenters. The fee is about $3.75 per withdrawal and there is a daily withdrawal limit of about $5,000. Other options for getting money from your Netspend account at Walmart include getting cash back on a purchase and making a withdrawal at an in-store ATM.

How to Make a Netspend Withdrawal at Walmart

You can withdraw funds from your Netspend account at Walmart in the following ways:

  • At a Walmart MoneyCenter
  • Through cash back at the register
  • At an in-store ATM

We detail each withdrawal method below, including associated limits and fees.

To gather this information, we reviewed Netspend’s account disclosures, contacted Walmart’s corporate customer service department, and talked to Walmart store associates in California, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Netspend Withdrawals at Walmart MoneyCenters

Netspend allows over-the-counter withdrawals at some banks and retail stores, including Walmart.

You’ll need to show a valid, government-issued photo ID to make a withdrawal from your Netspend account at a Walmart MoneyCenter.

  • Fees: Vary by store, but you can expect to pay a fee of about $3.75 per withdrawal; Netspend reload locations can set their own fees up to the maximum fee set by  Netspend, which is $4 or 2.75% of the withdrawal amount.
  • Limits: Netspend has a maximum over-the-counter withdrawal limit of about $5,000 per day.[1] Your local Walmart MoneyCenter may set a lower limit depending on its available cash; if you’re planning to make a large withdrawal, you may want to call your local Walmart ahead of time to see if it can accommodate your request.

For the list of places where you can reload your Netspend card, see our related article.

Netspend Withdrawals Through Cash Back at the Register

You can make a withdrawal from your Netspend account by making a purchase at Walmart with your Netspend card and requesting cash back at the register or at self-checkout.

You can get cash back using your Netspend card at any store that allows cash back by selecting “debit” as your payment method, entering your PIN, and choosing your cash-back amount.

While Walmart doesn’t charge a fee for cash back, some stores may charge a fee. See our related list of stores that give cash back for details on which stores charge for this service.

Netspend Withdrawals at an In-Store ATM

Your Netspend card functions similarly to a traditional bank debit card, meaning you can use it to make ATM withdrawals.

But, since Netspend is not affiliated with a network of ATMs, you will be responsible for the Netspend ATM withdrawal fee ($2.95 per ATM withdrawal) and any ATM operator fees (typically $2.50 to $3 per withdrawal at Walmart).

To avoid these fees, you might want to consider getting cash back instead.

  • Fees: Netspend charges $2.95 per ATM withdrawal;[2] Walmart ATMs typically charge between $2.50 and $3 per withdrawal
  • Limits: Netspend limits ATM withdrawals to $325 per transaction, $940 per day, and no more than six withdrawals within 24 hours.[1]

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