Nissan Early Lease Termination Policy Explained

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Short Answer

If you’ve paid at least 12 months toward your Nissan lease, you can request early termination. The cost of early termination varies on a case-by-case basis but includes a termination fee, storage fees, and taxes. You cannot terminate your lease before you reach 12 months.

Nissan Early Lease Termination Policy

While you should check your individual lease contract for the specifics of your termination policy, Nissan typically allows lessees to request early termination of their lease after at least 12 months.

You’ll need to contact your local dealer to request early termination and find out the next steps.[1]

Nissan customers can’t terminate a lease earlier than 12 months into the contract. If a situation arises before you meet the 12-month requirement, such as job loss or other unforeseen circumstances, contact your local Nissan dealer to determine the best course of action.[1]

If you’re interested in leasing another Nissan vehicle, local dealers sometimes have early lease termination promotions.

For example, a dealer may offer to buy out your current lease if you are within one year of the lease end and plan to lease a new vehicle.[1]

Early Lease Termination Cost

Once you request early termination from your local dealer, you can expect to pay certain charges related to termination.

The following fees may be assessed, depending on your lease:

  • Early termination fee: Amount varies as determined by each individual dealer[1]
  • Disposition fee: About $400; covers costs related to the sale of your car[1]
  • Storage or transportation: Cost for your local Nissan dealer to store and/or transport the vehicle[1]
  • Taxes: Vary depending on the details of your lease[1]
  • Negative equity cost: Difference between the current payoff amount and the car’s current wholesale value[1]

If you’d prefer to buy out the lease, you can contact Nissan customer service at (800) 777-7018 to determine the months left on your lease and calculate the current payoff amount.[1]

Credit Score Impact

On-time lease payments help you build and increase your credit score. Terminating your lease early shouldn’t affect your credit score as long as you don’t default on any payments to your lender.

Keep in mind that even though you are terminating your lease early, it’s still important to make all final payments on time, or your credit score may drop.[1]

  1. Nissan lease customer service (800) 777-7018[][][][][][][][][][]

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