How to Get a Nordstrom Credit Card Increase (& When It’ll Auto Increase)

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Short Answer

You may see an automatic credit limit increase on your Nordstrom credit card about six months after you open an account; however, system-generated increases are not automatically implemented for everyone. To request an increase, you can call the Nordstrom Card Services department at (888) 478-6390.

How to Get a Nordstrom Credit Card Increase

You can apply for a Nordstrom Retail store credit card, a Nordstrom Visa Platinum card, or a Nordstrom Visa Signature card. About six months after you open an account, your credit limit may automatically be increased, Nordstrom corporate customer service representatives said.

Cardholders are also welcome to request an increase by calling the Nordstrom Card Services department at (888) 478-6390. All three Nordstrom-brand credit cards are issued by TD Bank.

Initial Nordstrom Credit Card Limits

While credit card limits vary by applicant, we were told that the initial credit line on the Nordstrom Retail store card and the Nordstrom Visa Platinum is typically about $1,000. The initial credit line on the Nordstrom Visa Signature card is typically about $5,000.

Your initial credit card limit — as well as the type of card you’re approved for — will depend on your credit history and creditworthiness.

Upon submitting your application, TD Bank will first consider you for either the Nordstrom Visa Platinum or the Nordstrom Visa Signature, unless you apply specifically for the Nordstrom Retail card. If you don’t qualify for either Visa card, you will then be considered for the Nordstrom Retail store card.

You can use the Nordstrom Visa cards anywhere Visa is accepted, but you can only use the Nordstrom Retail card at Nordstrom-branded stores.

Requesting a Nordstrom Credit Increase

If you don’t receive an automatic credit limit increase, you can call Nordstrom Card Services and request an increase.

Keep in mind, when you request an increase, Nordstrom may do a “soft” or “hard” pull on your credit. A Nordstrom Card Services representative should be able to tell you if a hard pull is required.

We were told that credit increases range from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars, depending on the individual.

Creditors base credit limits on a number of factors — your credit report and credit rating are major considerations.

For more details of the factors that can affect your credit limit, see our related article on the Victoria’s Secret’s credit limit increase policy. The listed factors apply to all types of cards (not just the Victoria’s Secret store card).

Nordstrom Credit Card Benefits

The Nordy Club is a free rewards program open to all shoppers — even if you don’t have a Nordstrom-brand credit card. Rewards program members accumulate points toward Nordstrom Notes, which are essentially Nordstrom gift certificates.

Non-cardholders earn one point for every dollar spent, while Nordstrom cardholders earn three points for every dollar spent. You’ll get a $5 Nordstrom Note when you reach 500 points, a $10 Note at 1,000 points, a $15 Note at 1,500 points, and a $20 Note at 2,000 points. Nordstrom Notes expire one year after they are issued.

The Nordy Club has four status levels:

  • Member: Regular members spend up to $499 per calendar year and enjoy points, free basic alterations, and curbside pickup.
  • Insider: Nordstrom cardholders begin at the Insider level. Insiders receive all the Member benefits, plus one double points day, a $100 alterations credit, early access to the “Clear the Rack” sale, and access to beauty and style workshops.
  • Influencer: Influencers spend at least $2,000 per calendar year and receive all the Member and Insider benefits, plus early Anniversary sale access, a $200 alterations credit, two double points days, and priority access to style events.
  • Ambassador: Ambassadors spend at least $5,000 per calendar year and receive all the Member, Insider, and Influencer benefits, plus three double points days and access to an in-home stylist and invitation-only events.

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