Notaries Nearby & Open Late (Including Places That Notarize 24/7)

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When you have time-sensitive document needs, you may need to find a place with a notary that’s open outside of regular business hours.

Mobile notary companies like 123Notary, Notary Rotary, and Notary Cafe have notaries available to come to your location 24/7. Other local places like The UPS Store, local libraries, and some banks are open on weekends and typically offer notary services (possibly for free).

For more about finding a notary at any time of day, see below.

24-Hour Mobile Notaries

Typically, the only way to find a notary at a late hour is through a mobile notary — a notary public that travels to clients.

Although several mobile notaries may list themselves as available 24 hours, they may not choose to work after a particular hour.

Also, mobile notaries often charge a traveling fee in addition to the regular per-signature fee. A few states put a cap on the maximum amount a mobile notary can charge per mile, but most don’t.

Our related research has a breakdown of each state’s regulated notary fees.

123Notary logo


  • Search features: 123Notary’s search filters include time available, 123Notary certified, 24-hour service, reverse mortgage, travel to hospitals or jails, and Spanish speaking. Note that you have to apply filters after doing an initial search for a notary based on your city, state, or zip code.
  • Visit

Notary Rotary logo

Notary Rotary

  • Search features: Notary Rotary’s search filters include 24-hour service, several languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Arabic, fax and/or email available, wedding services, and fields services.
    • Note that although using Notary Rotary’s directory is free, you may receive a message warning you that you have exceeded the maximum number of daily profiles you’re allowed to view without logging in. To bypass this, you’ll need to sign up for a Basic (free) membership or a paid Premium membership.
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Notary Cafe logo

Notary Cafe

  • Search features: Notary Cafe’s search filters include 24-hour service, travel to hospitals or jails, laser printer available, attorney, fingerprinting available, and wedding services.
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Places With Notaries That Are Open on Weekends

It can be difficult to find a weekend notary, but we’ve found a few places that might have a notary on staff during weekend hours.

Although the places listed are open on the weekend, it’s always a good idea to call ahead to be sure that the notary is available, as notaries may keep different hours from their place of business. You may also need to make an appointment.

AAA logo


AAA typically offers notary services at its branches as a membership perk, and several AAA locations are opened on Saturday for a few hours.

Chase Bank logo


Some Chase locations offer notary services and are open on Saturdays for a few hours. Notary services are only available for Chase customers.

  • Cost per signature: Free for customers.
  • Other information: You may need to make an appointment at your local Chase branch for notary services.
  • Find your nearest Chase branch

PakMail logo


Some PakMail locations offer notary services and may be open on Saturdays for a few hours. You will need to call ahead to your local PakMail to be sure that notary services are available.

  • Cost per signature: Price will vary by each state and individual PakMail location.
  • Other information: No appointment is needed. If you need more information about PakMail’s notary services, contact your local store.
  • Find your nearest PakMail location

PNC Bank logo

PNC Bank

Note that not all PNC branches are open on Saturdays, and branches offer notary services at their discretion. It’s best to call ahead to see if your local branch will notarize your document before visiting.

  • Cost per signature: Free for customers
  • Other information: Notary services are for customers only. While an appointment is not necessary, you will need to call ahead to make sure the notary is available.
  • Find your nearest PNC Bank location

Postal Annex logo


Most of PostalAnnex’s locations offer notary services from a certified and insured notary public and are open for a few hours on Saturdays. Several PostalAnnex locations also offer mobile notary services and can send a notary public to homes, hospitals, convalescent homes, and places of business.

  • Cost per signature: Price will vary by state and each individual PostalAnnex location.
  • Other information: Walk-ins are welcome in-store, but appointments are needed for mobile notary services.
  • Find your nearest PostalAnnex location

Public Libraries

Most public libraries offer free notary services from on-staff notaries, and most are open on weekends, possibly with limited hours. You can check with your local library to make sure a notary is available before you visit.

  • Cost per signature: Typically free
  • Other information: You shouldn’t need an appointment to get something notarized at a library — you can ask for a notary at the customer service desk.

The UPS Store logo

The UPS Store

Select UPS Stores that offer notary services are open on the weekend and/or have evening hours. All UPS Store locations are individually owned and operated, so it’s up to each owner to set the store’s hours and services. It’s best to call ahead or check online to see if notary services are available at your local store.

  • Cost per signature: Price will vary by each state and individual UPS Store location.
  • Other information: Walk-ins are welcome and all documents need to be in English.
  • Find your nearest UPS Store

Wells Fargo logo

Wells Fargo

Some Wells Fargo branches offer notary services and are open for a few hours on Saturdays.

  • Cost per signature: Free for customers. A fee may be charged to non-customers at the discretion of the branch.
  • Other information: According to the Wells Fargo FAQs, you will need to call your local branch in advance to meet with a notary.
  • Find your nearest Wells Fargo

For more specific needs, we also have list the places with notaries that are open on Saturday and Sunday.

Things to Know Before Meeting With a Notary

Before meeting with a notary, be sure you have gathered everything you need so the process will go quickly and smoothly:

  • Payment for fees. Our article has more information about how much it costs to get a document notarized.
  • Valid, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport so that the notary can verify your identity.
  • Typically the document(s) will need to be in English, unless the notary can read and understand another language. According to the National Notary Association, state laws do not expressly prohibit a notary from notarizing a document that is not in English. However, a notary should only proceed if the notarial certificate is in a language the notary can read and write.
  • In some states, certain documents may require a witness. Typically, the witness cannot be the notary.

For a more general list of places to get something notarized, we share more than 30 places with notary services.


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