Online Car Insurance Quotes: The Best Comparison Sites

Nobody wants to pay more for car insurance than they have to. In order to make sure you’re getting the best price, try using a car insurance comparison site like The Zebra, CoverHound,,, or US Auto Insurance Now. Keep in mind, you should check for rates annually to maintain the best deal. Here’s where to get online car insurance quotes via the best comparison sites.

The Zebra: “Insurance in black & white”

The Zebra allows you to compare more than 200 auto insurance companies like USAA, State Farm, AAA, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, Nationwide, 21st Century, and more. One nice thing about The Zebra is that the site doesn’t require detailed personal information. (This means no unwanted spam emails or pushy sales pitches from insurance companies.)

The Zebra auto insurance search engine sorts through various insurance companies depending on your needs. You can choose to sort your results by a feature called Zebra Pick. This will show the results that are the most popular on the website, or the ones users usually opt for. What stands out here is that The Zebra offers a list at the end of your search that includes the companies that are considered not suitable for your request. One annoyance is the fact that each time you make a change in your request form, you are asked to submit your e-mail address.

Overall, the Zebra website is simple, easy to use and it has been featured on Inc., Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Time, and other news outlets. Everyone should take this site for a spin. Getting tons of fast online quotes has never been easier.

CoverHound: “Compare Insurance Quotes with Confidence”

Another site worth checking out is CoverHound. CoverHound helps you search for car insurance by asking you to various questions: How many vehicles? How many drivers? Are you a homeowner? Are you married? etc. This means you will not be forced to perform multiple searches in order to get a price based on your needs — you can check all that from the start. Also, the information is automatically saved, which prevents you from having to re-enter it if you hit the back button. A disadvantage is the fact that you can`t actually use this service without providing all sorts of information. The search engine will ask for your name, date of birth, and the purpose for which you are using your car — and you will have to add information about the miles you travel in your vehicle.

The Zebra is much simpler. And, honestly, this site seems to want your business too much. Instead of just being an aggregation tool, it feels like a sales website. I don’t want to feel like I’m being sold anything when I’m just comparing rates. However, this site is still a major contender. It also offers homeowners, renters, and motorcycle insurance comparisons. “Helping You Save Money” covers the most popular companies, but it has a couple of disadvantages. First of all, it is not specifically designed for car insurance. You can compare various types of insurance, which would be okay (as with CoverHound), but in’s case, it transforms the site into a maze of buttons and categories. Also, when opting for a comparison, you are forced to agree to a disclaimer policy hidden within a tiny scroll box. In this document, you are told that your information can be used by the partners of this website — meaning you may risk receiving tons of emails from random companies. And the next step of your search inquiry will require you to share information about your personal life, including your name, telephone number, and car specifications. In other words, you can’t use this website if you do not fully cooperate. The bounce rate for this site is probably pretty high.

However, if you have a dummy email account and are eager to get the best possible auto insurance quote, this comparison website is another site to consider. It’s not that it gives bad results (it doesn’t), it’s just a hassle and your private information is at risk. “Find the best car insurance rates” covers the majority of the major insurance companies. This site has one big advantage: It allows you to estimate your rate depending on the area you live in and on the type of car you own. This is a rare feature in the business. If you want to follow the price fluctuations that occur on the market, this is the site for you. For example, if the average rate in your area drops next month, why hasn’t your car insurance rate dropped? This site allows you to keep an eye on the market. There is also another feature on the website that lets you find out how much car insurance you really need. Pretty cool, indeed.

This comparison site still has a few cons, though. One of them is the fact that you are constantly redirected to other websites, which means the comparison isn’t actually taking place on its site. This creates a plethora of tabs that will make any (even slightly) OCD person go crazy. However, if multiple tabs is the worst thing I can say about a site, that’s pretty good.

US Auto Insurance Now: “Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes”

US Auto Insurance Now is simple to use and it adapts well to a mobile browser (it’s responsive design is on point). One disadvantage is that you can be redirected to a landing page that promotes specific insurance providers. Those ads are strictly linked to the ZIP code you enter, so they seem personalized. But, in fact, they are promoting specific carriers in the area you live in. This feels too much like I’m being sold a product rather than being presented information wherein I can come to my own conclusions.

In Summary

Online car insurance quotes are easy to obtain, especially with these comparison sites. The most important thing to consider before buying insurance are your needs. Opt for a company that is accessible for your budget and that you consider the best at protecting your assets. Good luck, and comment below with your results!

P.S. I pay less than $18 per month for the insurance on my sports car. Thank you, GEICO.

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  • Hey, thanks for posting these comparison tools. I always get frustrated with how difficult it is to find good information about many of the necessary services we have to purchase – healthcare costs are the worst, but car insurance and other types of insurance are also opaque and difficult to compare. Thanks!

  • Laurel Larsen says:

    I think using comparison sites to shop around for auto insurance is a great way to efficiently see which company might be the best fit for you. If you are wanting to go with a more local company though, trying to find an auto insurance company through recommendations is sometimes even better. That said, it is definitely a plus to have all of the information right at your fingertips with the click of a button.

  • jamesrod214 says:

    I agree with you that the most important thing to consider before buying car insurance is your needs. I have spent the past couple of months searching for cheap car insurance, and I realized about a week back that I didn’t know what I wanted. So, now that I know, I can narrow my search. Thanks for the other car insurance information, it’s helped a lot!

  • Jason Strong says:

    That time for me to find my own car insurance has come. This is the first time that I will have ever shopped for insurance so I don’t really know what to look for in a good provider. This helped me a ton though and I hope that I can find a good provider soon.

  • Aaron Kriegerson says:

    Thanks for your article listing auto insurance comparison sites, Will. You make a great point about how knowing the price between different competitors can help you decide on which policy is best for your vehicle and needs. It’s also a good idea to research the different companies and see what kind of customer satisfaction they have. I’ll keep your sites in mind for the future.

  • Appreciate the research on these different insurance companies. I will have to dig in and see which one fits best. You have provided a great head start. Thanks!

  • Veronika says:

    This is just what I needed to find today. We’re shopping around for better rates since we just bought a sports car and our insurance doubled. I think I found one that will work for us. But I’ll be spending the day looking up quotes, so having multiple resources to compare our options will make this process faster. Thank you!

  • I haven’t heard of the Zebra before. Thank you for posting a bunch of resources. My husband and I are combining our insurance policies, and I thought I was going to spend hours on the phone getting quotes. Now I can spend two hours on Pinterest while he thinks I’m doing insurance research. Ha!

  • Thanks! I never knew about any of these sites! We did update our car insurance last year, saving us $100s. But, it is a great idea to do it annually. I even try and shop around for house insurance also once a year… it has made a big difference, and I kind of get embarrassed to think of how I rarely used to do this 5-10 years ago. The wasted money of my youth…

    • William Lipovsky says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Yeah, comparing annually is a great idea. It’s fairly easy when using these sites and it’ll get even easier as these sites evolve even further. Comparing auto insurance wasn’t easy 5-10 years ago. Don’t be too hard on yourself! 🙂