Orangetheory Membership Cancellation Policy Explained

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Short Answer

Orangetheory Fitness requires a written notice 30 days in advance to cancel a membership. You’ll need to deliver your notice in-person to a studio location or send your cancellation request by certified mail; certified mail is required so there is a record of receipt. You cannot cancel your membership by email or over the phone. Once you submit your cancellation request, you will be charged for the following month and then your contract will be up.

Orangetheory Membership Cancellation Policy

Orangetheory Fitness membership contracts must be canceled 30 days in advance in writing, a corporate customer service representative said.

Orangetheory is a franchise, and while the general cancellation policy is the same companywide, some locations may have additional forms and/or procedures. We confirmed this information by contacting several Orangetheory locations across the U.S.

We were told that once you submit your cancellation request, you will be responsible for charges that occur during the next 30. Keep in mind, you will not receive a refund for any unused classes at the end of the 30 days.

How to Cancel Orangetheory Memberships

To cancel your Orangetheory membership, you’ll first want to contact the studio to find out if there is a cancellation form or if you need to write your own request to cancel. You can then submit your request in person or send it by certified mail.

Sending your request by certified mail is required since a signature is required upon delivery. This will ensure that your cancellation date will be 30 days from receipt.

You cannot submit a request to cancel your membership by email. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Orangetheory’s corporate customer service department by calling (954) 530-6903.

How to Transfer Orangetheory Memberships

It is possible to transfer your membership to a different Orangetheory location, but since studio locations are franchises, you may be required to pay a transfer fee and/or a different rate. To request a membership transfer, you’ll want to contact the studio you’re looking to transfer to.

In addition, you may be able to transfer your membership to someone else, but these requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

For example, an associate at an Orangetheory location in Miami Beach, Fla., told us that the current member and the potential member would need to meet with the manager to request a membership transfer.

Class Cancellation

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