How to Order Food With PayPal: Delivery & Carryout Options Listed

Man unpacking food delivery after ordering food with PayPal

When you don’t have cash or a credit card on hand, paying for a meal can be challenging. However, there are some restaurants that accept PayPal for delivery and carryout, giving you the option to pay for your meal with your smartphone.

Here’s what you need to know about ordering food (even pizza) with PayPal and which restaurants let you do it.

How to Order Food and Pay with PayPal

To order food online with PayPal, you need an active PayPal account. It’s free to sign up for PayPal. Once you have an account, you can link your debit card, credit card, or bank account to pay for purchases.

When you place an order through an online food ordering site that accepts PayPal, select ‘Pay with PayPal’ at checkout. You are also able to pay for the delivery fees, service fees, and even add a tip for your delivery driver using your PayPal funds.

Where to Order Food and Pay with PayPal

Individual Restaurants

The following restaurant accepts PayPal for online or app orders:

Panera Bread

Papa John’s

  • Overview: Participating Papa John’s restaurants accept PayPal for online delivery and carryout orders.
  • How to order food: Enter your address for delivery or your zip code for carryout to find the nearest Papa John’s restaurant. Add the items you want to your Papa John’s cart; you will then have the option to proceed to checkout. If your local Papa John’s accepts PayPal, it will appear as an option when you proceed to checkout.
  • Order food online from Papa John’s
  • Get the Papa John’s app for Apple
  • Get the Papa John’s app for Android

Online Order Services

The following online ordering services accept PayPal and allow you to order from a wide variety of local restaurants.


  • Overview: BringMeThat has a network of over 150,000 restaurants.
  • How to order food: Enter your address on the website’s homepage to find restaurants in your area. BringMeThat’s online ordering system allows you to see each restaurant’s menu and prices and customize orders. You have the option for pickup or delivery.
  • Fees: BringMeThat adds a $4.50 service fee and restaurants may add additional charges for delivery.
  • Order food online with BringMeThat


  • Overview: EatStreet partners with over 15,000 restaurants in over 250 cities. They also offer rewards and a coupon program.
  • How to order food: To order food online with EatStreet, enter your address on EatStreet’s homepage, select your restaurant, pick your items, and submit your order.
  • Fees: EatStreet is free for you to use, but restaurants may add additional charges for delivery.
  • Order food online with EatStreet
  • Get the EatStreet app for Android
  • Get the EatStreet app for Apple



  • Overview: PayPizzaPal allows you to use your PayPal account to buy e-gift cards for pizza delivery restaurants and then use those e-gift cards to order pizza online.
  • How to order food: Choose between Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Papa Johns, select your e-gift card amount, and check out. After ordering, you will receive an email containing an e-gift card code. Enter that code into your favorite pizza restaurant’s website and enjoy.
  • Fees: PayPizzaPal adds fees for their service. A $10 gift card costs $13.97 after their fees are added on, a $25 gift card costs $32.50 after fees, and a $50 gift card costs $59.97 after fees.
  • Order food online with PayPizzaPal

Need more options for where to go and are willing to sacrifice such easy ordering? Here’s our list of restaurants that accept PayPal for dining in.


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  • Carmel

    You can add Papa John’s to this list. It’s probably covered by the pizza app but you can order delivery or pick-up on its website and pay via PayPal.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Thanks for the tip, Carmel! We looked into this and found that Papa John’s accepts PayPal for delivery or carryout at participating locations. We have updated our list to reflect this.

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