OtterBox Military Discount Policy (+ Discounts From Third-Party Retailers)

Short Answer: There is no official OtterBox military discount, but you may be able to get a 20% off discount code by calling the company’s customer service department. The company also partners with Veterans Advantage to offer discounts to former military members. Alternatively, you can save on OtterBox products by buying through the Apple Store or Verizon Wireless, both of which offer military discounts. For more details on how service members can save on OtterBox products, see below.

OtterBox Military Discount Policy Details

OtterBox does not have an official military discount policy, customer service representatives said. However, we were told that you may be able to get a discount code by calling customer service at (855) 688-7269 and telling them your military status. An OtterBox representative can give you a 20% discount code in appreciation of your service. You may be required to provide proof of service, but exact details and requirements will vary.

Additionally, the company sometimes partners with Veterans Advantage to offer discounts codes to veterans. You need to be enrolled in Veterans Advantage to get access to the deal, and enrolling in the program also gives you access to deals from other retailers.

Another way to get a discount directly from OtterBox is to check the online Web Specials sections. These promotions are available to anyone.

How to Get an OtterBox Military Discount from Third-Party Retailers

As an alternative to shopping directly through Otterbox, the following retailers sell OtterBox merchandise and offer military discounts:

For more about ways to save as a member of the U.S. military, we have the list of the best available military discounts.