Where to Recycle or Sell Used Pallets (+ How Much They’re Worth)

Stacks of used wood pallets at a recycling center

Short Answer

You can earn about $1 to $2 per pallet when selling used pallets. However, prices vary based on several factors, including the pallets’ size and the quantity you wish to sell. We have more details about how much pallets are worth and where to sell or recycle them below.

How Much Are Pallets Worth?

Pallet values vary widely depending on the current market, the condition of your pallets, pallet size(s), and quantity. You can generally expect to collect around $1 to $2 per pallet; we collected price quotes from buyers in Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, and Texas to confirm this information.

Note that most buyers prefer to buy in bulk and set minimum lot sizes of 100 to 400.[1][2] Additionally, you may need to pay a pickup fee if you’re unable to drop the pallets off at the buyer’s location.[3]

Another detail to keep in mind is your preferred method of payment. Some pallet brokers will give you cash on the spot, but others pay by check and require a photo ID to discourage people from selling stolen pallets.

Preparing Pallets for Sale

Before you can sell your pallets, you’ll need to prepare them for sale. You should first sort your pallets by size since buyers prefer to purchase in lots of one size. Next, make sure they’re all in usable condition — most buyers won’t accept them if they’re badly damaged,[1][4] so you might want to make small repairs (like replacing missing nails) before selling them.

Where to Sell or Recycle Wood Pallets

There aren’t many national chains that buy or recycle wood pallets; most pallet exchanges are independently owned and operated. Still, there are ways to easily find companies in your area that will buy pallets. We detail the few national and regional options below, plus how to find a local company or individual buyer.

Keep in mind that pallet companies might use the term “recycling” in place of buying and selling. Regardless of the company’s phrasing, note that “recycling” might still mean that the company is willing to pay you for your pallets. It’s best to contact the company directly for a price quote on your pallets.

Regional & National Pallet Companies

  • Kamps Pallets: Kamps Pallets buys pallets in quantities of at least 100 for custom sizes and 400 (one truckload) for common sizes.[1] It has over 100 locations nationwide.
  • Atlantic Pallet Exchange (APE): APE accepts common pallet sizes and may buy your uncommon or custom pallets or recycle them for you. It’s based in Georgia but serves Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.[5]

Pallet Exchanges/Directories

  • North American Pallet Recycling Network (NAPRN): The NAPRN is a marketplace to promote pallet recycling. It operates an online exchange to connect pallet buyers, sellers, and recyclers.
  • National Wooden Pallet & Containers Association (NWPCA): The NWPCA lists nearly 700 companies that manufacture, repair, and distribute wood packaging, including pallets. Use the association’s directory to find and contact companies near you that will buy your pallets.
  • Recycler’s World: Recycler’s World offers resources to help you recycle a wide range of materials, including wood pallets. See its list of wooden pallet buyers, sellers, and recyclers.

Peer-to-Peer Platforms

If you can’t find a professional buyer or recycler in your area, crafters, woodworkers, and other local individuals may be willing to buy your pallets through peer-to-peer platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. You’ll be responsible for setting the price and arranging drop-off or pickup with the buyer on these platforms, but there aren’t any listing fees.[6][7]

Companies That Take Away Pallets

If you’re unable to sell all or some of your pallets, a pickup service can take them away for you. The following pallet manufacturers provide pickup services for their own brand pallets that are in unusable condition:

Additionally, there are trash and recycling companies you can contact to arrange pickup. For example, Waste Management has locations in most states[8] and accepts wood pallets at some locations; you can request a bulk pickup online.


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