Pet Supplies Plus Return Policy: Time Limit, Requirements Explained

Exterior of a Pet Supplies Plus store

Short Answer

Pet Supplies Plus typically allows returns within 30 days, though the exact return policy varies by location. If you don’t have your receipt, the store may accept your return without it or may be able to look up your purchase, particularly if you’re a Preferred Pet Club member.

Pet Supplies Plus Return Policy

The Pet Supplies Plus return policy varies by location because its stores are franchised. However, most stores accept returns within 30 days.[1][2]

We contacted stores in Kentucky, Michigan, and Texas for more details about what to expect when making a return at Pet Supplies Plus. However, keep in mind that you may want to contact your local store for the specifics of its policy.


It’s best to show your original receipt when making a return at Pet Supplies Plus, though the store may be willing to process the return without a receipt.

Store managers have final authority over whether or not to accept a return.[2]

Items Without Tags

Items like toys, collars, and pet clothes don’t typically require the original tags.[2]

If the item is in a resellable condition and you still have the tags, most stores prefer that you bring them with you so an associate can reattach them, but none of the stores we contacted said they would deny a return for missing tags.[2]

Open and Used Items

For flea preventatives and other health products, the Pet Supplies Plus locations we spoke with said they’ll accept returns with a receipt even if the product is open or has been partially used.[2]

For example, if you buy a three-dose pack of Frontline and use only one dose, you can return the remaining doses as long as you have your receipt.

Some stores only offer exchanges on opened food items like kibble and treats. Additionally, store associates told us that food packages need to be at least 50% to 75% full whether you’re returning or exchanging.[2]


To make a return, bring your item(s), receipt (if you have it), and credit or debit card (if you paid with one) to a store associate during regular store hours.[2]

Hours may vary by location but are usually 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.[3]

Note that Pet Supplies Plus doesn’t allow returns by mail, even for items bought online for delivery. The local store fulfills online orders, so you’ll need to contact that store about any missing or damaged items and returns or exchanges.[4]


If you provide your receipt, you’ll usually receive a refund to the original payment method.[2]

Without the receipt, you may still be able to get a full refund to the original payment method if you’re a Pet Supplies Plus Preferred Pet Club member. A store associate should be able to look up your Preferred Pet Club number and find a record of your purchase.[2]

Without your receipt or Preferred Pet Club number, the store may still accept your return (as noted above), but you’ll likely receive your refund as store credit.[2]

For more on shopping at Pet Supplies Plus, see our research on whether you can get a price match there.

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