PetSmart Fish Return Policy (Dead or Alive)

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Short Answer

The PetSmart fish return policy allows customers 14 days to return a fish, deceased or alive. You must return the fish to the store along with your receipt and may need to provide your photo ID or, if the fish has passed away, a water sample.

Can You Return Fish to PetSmart?

Live or fish that have passed on can be returned to PetSmart within 14 days of purchase. Returns more than 14 days after purchase either will not be accepted or may be approved on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of a PetSmart store manager.[1]

Return Requirements

When returning a fish, PetSmart will ask you to provide the original sales receipt, but the store can also look up your purchase; it keeps purchases on file for two months, well beyond the 14-day return window. You will need to bring the fish back to the store even if it has passed away.[1]

Some stores have additional requirements when returning pets. You may be asked to show a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license. If your fish has passed away, the store may require you to provide a water sample from your home tank to be sure that an issue with the water didn’t harm the fish.

To find out the exact requirements for return, a corporate representative for PetSmart advised that it is best to contact your local store before visiting.


When you return a fish, PetSmart will credit your refund to your original payment method. If your fish has passed away, you can also choose to replace your pet rather than get a refund.[1]

Can You Return Other Animals to PetSmart?

PetSmart’s 14-day return policy applies to all live animals, according to customer service. Just be sure to bring your original sales receipt or ask an associate to look up your purchase.[1]

Cats and dogs adopted via PetSmart’s shelter partnership adoption program may also be returned, but return policies vary by shelter. For more information, you will need to contact the store where you got the animal.

More Information

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