PLNDR Review: How PLNDR Works and Whether It’s Trustworthy

If you’re on the hunt for some affordable streetwear, you’ve probably heard the buzz on PLNDR. The online boutique specializing in streetwear offers items from coveted brands for really low prices. But what’s with the all the negative reviews? Is PLNDR a scam? Is PLNDR legit? While we wouldn’t say it’s a scam, we also wouldn’t say the site is reliable. Keep reading to learn exactly what PLNDR is and how the site works so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth the risk. If you decide to steer clear, we’ve also listed other stores specializing in streetwear which may result in a less stressful experience.

What Is PLNDR?

PLNDR is a members-only online boutique that hosts limited time sales. The boutique is owned by Karmaloop and sells streetwear items from brands including Adidas, DOPE, Billionaire Boys Club, and Puma, just to name a few. You can see all the brands PLNDR carries online. The best part? PLNDR’s sales offer up to 80% off purchase price.

How PLNDR Works

PLNDR advertises its site as a “members only” online boutique. What this really means is that you just must create an account using an email or your Facebook account. The “members only” terminology helps give the brand a more exclusive feel.

The flash sales, offering up to 80% off, usually last between 48 and 72 hours. The homepage will give you an idea of what is currently on sale. A banner at the top of the webpage, featuring current promo codes, is often present as well.

PLNDR, like most flash sale sites, likely sells returns and overstock for the most part, which is how it’s able to offer such low prices. Most items likely come from its sister store, Karmaloop, while some come directly from the brand of the item. That said, items sold are genuine; they’re just genuine items that didn’t sell well.

Is PLNDR Trustworthy?

If you’ve found your way to this article, you’re probably aware that there are many bad reviews of PLNDR out there. The online boutique even addresses the reviews at the bottom of its FAQ page. In fact, each FAQ seems to address a common complaint: PLNDR isn’t the most reliable retailer. That said, there are a few things you should keep in mind when and if you place an order.


Shipping is perhaps PLNDR’s biggest downfall. Each order takes 5 to 10 business days to process. After processing, your order will be shipped, and you should receive an email with tracking information. At this point, you may discover that not all of your purchased items are being shipped; this happens when an item sells out before your order is shipped. PLNDR does promise a refund in this case but it’s unclear how long it will take you to receive it. If you don’t receive an email with tracking information, PLNDR recommends checking your junk mail.

Most items then take an addition 4 to 7 business days to be delivered to your doorstep. Some items are shipped directly from the brand, otherwise known as “Vendor Direct.” These items will be delivered separately from your other items and may take longer to ship. You should receive a separate tracking number in your email for Vendor Direct items. Shipping prices will differ depending on the weight of your order but Vendor Direct items always cost an extra $6.00.

Keep in mind, PLNDR is a U.S.-based company, so shipping costs and availability will depend on the weight of your order and the shipping destination. It ships internationally too, and you can learn about the international shipping options online.


Unlike its sister store, Karmaloop, PLNDR doesn’t offer complete returns. Returns are only eligible for store credit or exchanges. Keep in mind, exchanges are not guaranteed, as items often sell out quickly. Furthermore, swimwear, unless still in the shrinkwrap packaging, is completely unreturnable. On the bright side, you do have 30 days after you receive your order to make returns and exchanges. Shipping charges are completely nonrefundable unless you received a damaged item.

You are also responsible for shipping costs to get your items back to the warehouse. PLNDR really pushes getting a tracking number when shipping your package for returns. If your package isn’t checked in at the warehouse and you don’t have the tracking number, your return may not be processed. Once your package is delivered to PLNDR’s warehouse, you can expect to wait 2 to 7 business days for the return to be completed. See PLNDR’s return policy.


Upon browsing both PLNDR and Karmaloop, we discovered that some items were cheaper on Karmaloop than they were on PLNDR. Considering PLNDR is an online boutique specifically for Karmaloop brands, but on sale, we found this strange. Overall, we’d say that’s not exactly a deal breaker, as many items are much less expensive on PLNDR, but we do recommend checking both sites to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Reliable PLNDR Alternatives

Still looking for a site to cop some coveted streetwear brands at a low price? PLNDR isn’t your only option. Below is a list of stores, with overall positive reviews, which sell similar streetwear brands.

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In Summary

And that’s the PLNDR review. While PLNDR does offer steep sales on streetwear, the online boutique has been harshly criticized for being unreliable. Between snail-like shipping and a super strict return policy, you may come away from the experience disappointed. That said, for some, the risk may be worth it for a great deal on streetwear! If not, we’ve listed several alternatives to PLNDR that may be more reliable and help you find a streetwear sale that works for you.

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