Is There a Public Fax Machine at Walmart? Answered

Despite the evolution of digital communication, there are still plenty of times sending or receiving a fax is necessary. Since most of us don’t own a fax machine, where do you turn? Does Walmart fax? Because Walmart offers a wide variety of financial services, many assume they also offer public fax services. But do they? Continue to learn if you can head to your local Walmart to send or receive a fax, or whether you’ll need to head elsewhere to get this task completed.

 Does Walmart Have Public Fax Services?

Walmart does not offer fax services. A customer representative at Walmart’s corporate office told us that Walmart does not have public fax machines for customer use. We verified this information by contacting a dozen Walmart locations, all of whom confirmed that there is no¬†Walmart fax service.

Fax Machines at Walmart

Walmart does sell a variety of fax machines, if you need to send faxes enough that you’ll consider buying one to use at home. Most fax machines are combination printer, scanner, copier, and fax machines. Prices range from as little as around $40 for a simple machine, to hundreds of dollars for high end, high quality machines. If you’re already thinking about buying a printer, scanner, or copier, why not kill two (or four) birds with one stone, and get a machine that also sends faxes?

In Summary

There’s no public fax machine at Walmart, but you can buy a fax machine to use at home. If you’re still looking for a place to send a fax, there are several other places to do so. Office supply stores, shipping stores, and a few other businesses often have fax machines. In addition, local places like libraries sometimes have fax machines. For a complete list of places to send a fax, see our article, 10+ Places That Let You Fax for Free or Cheap.

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