Does Publix Take Apple Pay? Publix Apple Pay Policy

Here’s the Publix Apple Pay policy in plain language. Most Publix stores do not accept Apple Pay. Mobile payment options are becoming more common, though, and some Publix stores reported adding Apple Pay. Other accepted forms of payment at Publix include cash, checks, debit card, major credit cards, WIC, and EBT.

Does Publix Take Apple Pay?

Most Publix grocery stores do not yet accept Apple Pay, customer service representatives from various store locations said. Some stores reported having Apple Pay set up, but said it doesn’t always work. A greater number of Publix stores accept Samsung Pay.

Stores are increasingly rolling out mobile payment options. To find out if your local Publix accepts Apple Pay, call ahead and ask what payment method the store takes. In general, Publix supermarkets accept cash, checks, debit cards, major credit card, WIC, and EBT, according to the Publix Customer Service FAQ page.

Publix is a supermarket chain with locations in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. There are more than 1,000 Publix stores across the southeastern United States.

In Summary

Does Publix take Apple Pay? Apple Pay at Publix isn’t offered at nearly any location yet. You can pay at Publix using cash, checks, debit cards, major credit cards, WIC, and EBT. For more on Publix’s store policies, see our articles: Does Publix Accept WIC? and Publix Cash Back Limit When Paying with Debit, Check, and Credit.

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